: Sony KDL-52XBR4 vs. Samsung LN-T5271

2008-01-24, 06:54 PM

I am looking to get a tv soon and am betweem these 2. I could really use some user opinions as I know more about the sony than the Samsung. I play PS3 and watch movies mostly and know about the XBR4 smear issues which puts me off a bit. I don't know much about any problems with the Samsung as of yet.

Conditions: basement with no windows.
Use: Equal parts TV, PS3, Movies.

Any information or opinions would be appreciated as I have 1 day to get a good deal on the Samsung (with bluray player).

2008-01-24, 09:14 PM
What are you SD contents allocation to watch? The smearing issue is particularly serious when you have a bigger size TV watching SD contents.

If you prefer LCD, go with a smaller size LCD; or if you prefer that size, then consider the 5064 or 4264 plasma. (I also have the FS ad about the free Blu-Ray player as a bundle.) Mind you, for a 50" plasma the smearing blurring may still be there, but much more tolerable than LCD's. Also, the significant difference in response time of the models LCD 8ms vs. Plasma 1ms already tells you a lot (re: playing games and watch sports broadcast you would prefer a fast response time).