: DLNA, anyone?

2008-01-23, 11:52 PM
Hi All,

My friend picked up a nice Pioneer plasma set, and we were quite surprised that the ethernet port on it let him connect it to his home network, and was for DLNA. He managed to play HD transport streams off his PC in his house.

Does anyone know of any LCD panels that have DLNA support? I've read the new Sharp Aquos SE94D's have an ethernet port, but that for crap like 'weather' or 'stocks', or is it for more?



2008-01-24, 01:56 AM
The Sony Playstation 3 is DLNA enable, both wire and wireless.

2008-01-24, 08:27 AM
According to the DLNA site (http://www.dlna.org/products) there are 54 televisions that are DLNA certified devices and quite a few are LCD including Sony and Toshiba sets.

Didn't see any Sharp sets on the list

2008-01-24, 12:49 PM
I connected my Pioneer Plasma to my home network, and was very surprised when it automatically found my Vista PC, and all my video and graphic content! It found content scattered all over my computer, so I assume something was indexing and hosting it. It's pretty cool, but I'll have to read up on just how that works.


2008-01-24, 02:00 PM
so I assume something was indexing and hosting it.

Likely the Windows Media Player engine.

Have you got sharing enabled on Windows Media Player?

2008-01-30, 11:16 PM
Thanks for the link to the DLNA site Hugh, I should have thought of that first.

I tried calling Sharp today, and I stress "TRY". I didn't get through to anyone that knew. e-mail didn't help either. I think it's a safe bet that the new SE94's are not DLNA compliant. If they were, I'm sure they'd be advertising it like crazy. It's a shame. My new TV was either going to be a Sony or Sharp.