: Scratch on shiny black frame of HDTV

2008-01-21, 04:17 PM
Hi All,

I was just wondering if there is a product that removes scratches on the shiny black frame of a TV? (Samsung LNT4061)
It is just painful to see a very noticeable scratch on my beloved TV which I don't even know how I managed to put a scratch on.

So is there a little trick or a product that will make the scratch disappear??


2008-01-21, 04:46 PM
The only thing that might do the trick is to take a product called Liquid Luster. What it will do is lightly buff the area while filling up the "crack" that you see. It is a pink product found in the car waxing area in superstore line Canadian Tire or such.

The magic ingredient , I think, is the carnuba wax and the added polymer filler.

Ultimately, the scratch will always be there for you to see but to someone who doesn't know, it will be perfect.... ;)

2008-01-21, 04:47 PM
Depending on how deep the scratch is, you could try an automotive scratch remover like Meguiars Scratch-X(?). Canadian Tire should have a couple products you could try. 3M also makes a plastic polish/scratch remover that works really well. You should be able to find it in an auto parts supply store.

The deeper the scratch, the more elbow grease you'll have to use. If it's too deep, those products might not work.

Dog Byte
2008-01-21, 04:58 PM
Definately don't use automotive scratch remover. Most use an abrasive polish that will dull the finish of plastic. Most don't work on cars either.

A furniture wax (like carnuba) will fill the scratch and buff to a high shine. Usually. Motorcycle riders use it on their plastic windscreens.

2008-01-22, 11:06 AM
Brasso - sold as a brass polish - might do the trick here. It works great on watch faces, at least. Takes lots of rubbing, but it doesn't scratch (I would suggest using a decent microfiber cloth)

2008-01-24, 12:04 AM
Try some black nail polish ;)

2008-02-02, 07:50 PM
Meguiar's makes a plastic polish that should work perfectly on this.


"Clear Plastic Polish safely restores optic clarity to all clear plastics. Provides a static-free coating that repels dust. Safe and effective on both acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces. Ideal for boats, RV's, cars, motorcycles and aircraft."

2008-02-03, 08:54 AM
I'd be curious to know if this Meguiar's plastic polish actually works. I heard that the Meguiar's automative scratch polish isn't that great.

2008-02-11, 01:45 PM
Kev you are right
i have a 2007 Jeep wangler and tried to use that crap and it did nothing at all..

some of you may ask what the hell are you trying to fix a JEEP scrath for.. trust me i,ve herd it from my JEEP club.. ha ha it was a show n shine..
if anything it made the marks stand out even more...


2008-02-11, 03:41 PM
He wasn't using it properly, then. If the scratch is deep enough to feel with your fingernail, polishes will not work. If the scratch showed up more, then he rubbed too hard and damaged his paint.