: Samsung LNT5271 LCD over Samsung 5689 DLP?

2008-01-15, 08:54 PM
I took my wife to the local TV store this weekend. I had decided based on price and user comments to buy a Samsung 5689 DLP. So I show her the set in the local Visions (Edmonton West, they had it set up very poorly, looked like snowy cbc hockey over rabbit ears behind a mountain), anyway, she says, "thats no better than what we have already" (~10yr old Hitachi 43 inch HDTV rear projection).

She looks over and sees the new Samsung LNT5271 and says why can't we buy that one? Lol, and I was worried she wouldn't bite on the DLP for ~1800, now she wants the 4k TV. Of course the salesman rushed over and said he'd let us have it for significantly less.

Now I'm kinda unsure, the pic on the LCD was amazing, the DLP being set up poorly didn't look good, but I know it can do much better. Is LCD that much better than DLP on 2 properly set up units? (The cost is roughly double). The TV will be used for video games, sports, movies mainly.


2008-01-15, 09:09 PM
Hey man, no one buys DLP anymore.

Plasma > LCD > DLP = Rear-projection

If going for 50" or higher, go plasma.
If going less than 50", go LCD.

Or checkout HDTV reviews for Plasma and LCD.

2008-01-15, 09:17 PM
My mother had an old 42" RCA rear projection (non HD) from the early 90's - everytime we went over I would mention how warped (bowing at sides) the picture was - she said it looks no different then you panny HDTV.

Short story long we find out she has to go in for cataract surgery....