: Xpressvu question

2008-01-12, 06:40 PM
Very quick question.
My father wants to get HD for his expressvu. They told him he would have to replace the existing coax cable running into to his house that supplies his existing expressvu, as well as add another dish. Any reason why this is the case? Of course he needs a new HD STB, but the rest? It's a new house maybe 4 years old, so the wiring is quite new. I have rogers and when I upgraded to HD, I just got the HD box. No need for new cables. Something I'm missing?

i hate tv
2008-01-12, 06:58 PM
They are giving you the worst case scenario
Most likely, your cable will be ok
Is he getting the Dual tuner HDPVR?
If so, then he will need another cable to the tv location
I would recommend getting the 9242, so he can record and watch 2 separate programs
The 6142 will be able to record too, once the USB is activated, all you will need to do is add the hard drive......
To see if you need a new dish, go and look at it, and see if the LNB (Tip facing into the dish) is attached to a y bracket, with a space for a 2nd LNB (this is needed to get HD signal)
If it has the space, then the tech will install the 2nd lnb, and necessary switches for you free of charge, or upgrade you to the new dish if you have the old one

The Soundman
2008-01-18, 08:28 PM
If the cable in the house is RG-59 and not RG-6, it will have to be replaced for use with the satellite system. You can tell the difference by the fact that RG-6 is thicker and will be marked in most cases. The reason that RG-59 is not appropriate is that it is not as good for the long runs that will be needed to go from your dish to the receiver.

Also satellite receivers actually send an electrical current up the line to power the LNB and this will actually degrade RG-59 to the point where the signal loss will cause drop outs and eventually loss of usable signal altogether. Cable companies / builders can get away with RG-59 because of the lack of power being sent of the line.

Happy installing and welcome to the wonderfully clear world of HD :)

2008-01-18, 08:41 PM
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