: Sony W32S3000 - Dead pixel only with certain shows - TV or the broadcaster?

2008-01-09, 01:46 PM
Brand new TV, top center-right of image, one black pixel, quite obvious.

However, this ONLY happens on a couple of shows, namely new first-airing episodes of things like Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, etc. Not with repeats, not on loads of other shows, not with DVDs.

It's visible on any network showing the program (i.e. CTV, ABC, etc.).

Things I've speculated on...

1. The TV is resizing the screen for certain shows, and it's a certain ratio which has the problem...

No, as I've tried several screen ratios, and turned auto-sizing off. Besides, it doesn't happen on the repeats of the same shows. Or indeed during the advert breaks.

2. It's some sort of anti-DivX rip thing the channels are putting out on first-airings...

Seems unlikely unless they want to screw all the people who might actually want to watch it on their TV!

Any ideas?

Not a huge issue, but it's irritating.

I am reasonably sure it's not the TV that's the problem for the reasons outlined, but if it is then I need to get it swapped before the end of the month. Cable signal is a standard (non-digital) Shaw service.


2008-01-10, 11:53 AM
I don't think it's your TV. I've seen a small black dot in the same position on some shows. I don't remember which ones. I'm using a 6416 on Shaw with the all-digital map on a CRT.

2008-01-10, 11:57 AM
My Samsung does the samething, only seems to be CTV.

2008-01-10, 07:48 PM
Thanks folks, at least I know it's not just me.

It's certainly on CTV, but also seems to occur on any other channel airing the same program at the same time (I guess they all share the same feed?), for instance Komo or ABC.

Cheers, P.

2008-01-11, 10:54 AM
Yes, I can confirm this as well. Just got a new Sony 52" W3000 over boxing week and one of the first shows I watched was the Amazing Race on CTV. Nearly had a heart attack when I saw that "dead pixel" just right of centre and near the top. It appeared during 80-90% of the show, but disappeared during commercials, so I suspected it was a poor broadcast.

Other channels didn't have this issue.. so blame it on CTV :p

2008-01-11, 01:52 PM
Mine's on the right of centre as well damn CTV :rolleyes: