: Mitsubishi Introduces New Category of Large-Format Televisions with Laser Technology

2008-01-09, 12:16 PM
No pricing or screen size details yet although the demo TV was 65". Also, they are about 10" deep. Shipping is not till later this year.

Mitsubishi has harnessed its worldwide leadership in precision laser technology to produce the first-ever laser-powered television, delivering a range of color never before seen in home entertainment. Precise and focused, the purity of laser light surpasses current high-definition technologies. Today's HDTVs display less than 40 percent of the color spectrum that the eye can see. Now, for the first time ever, laser produces twice the color. Laser beams provide the widest range of rich, complex colors, along with the most clarity and depth of field.

2008-01-09, 12:26 PM
If the following is accurate then I can't see this technology going anywhere.


"The Lasers will be released late this year, around Black Friday, and will retail over the price of current LCDs. We’ll follow up with more details and an exclusive interview with the Vice President of the US division. "

2008-01-09, 01:50 PM
Is there even a currently available 65" LCD?

2008-01-10, 01:18 PM
Sharp has a couple of 65" LCDs.

2008-01-10, 01:38 PM
OK, but I think that when they said it will retail over the price of current LCDs, they were talking about the average price of an LCD. If a 65" laser-based rear-projection set is more expensive than a 65" LCD, then the technology is going to go nowhere, fast.

2008-01-10, 05:06 PM
Has any one here ever seen one? Any reason it wouldn't be usable for front projection? Price and electronics have a funny way of working them selves out.

2008-01-11, 10:33 AM
Not bright enough for front projection...at least, no yet. Neither is LCD.

I read a first-hand report on the Mits yesterday (from Peter Putman, I believe). It looked really nice apparently, but no better than his recollection of the picture from a Samsung LED-based DLP set. Which is just fine by me, provided the pricing is in-line with Samsungs.

2008-01-11, 01:07 PM
Not bright enough for front projection...at least, no yet. Neither is LCD.

Sorry, but what did you mean by LCD technology not being bright enough for FP? Many pj's are nice bright LCDs (mine is).

2008-01-11, 01:26 PM
Oops! I meant LED, not LCD!

2008-01-12, 02:05 AM
Aah...that makes sense.

2008-01-12, 02:36 AM
I'm following Mits's laser TVs pretty closely.. I'm really wanting one pretty badly if they turn out to be as good as they claim.