: 50" PZ77U and Costco wall mount.

2008-01-06, 02:50 PM
Just wondering if anyone has mounted their 50" plasma with one of the Costco dual arm single mount point AVF mounts?

I believe it's this model:


It uses only one stud to mount.

Any experiences with these?


2008-01-07, 07:10 PM
I'm using the FP1000 also from Costco to mount my 42" panny on the wall.
It's also using only one stud in the wall.

It should be alright for a 50"... But just make sure that a child won't be able to climb on it.

2008-01-07, 11:00 PM
Mounting a heavy display on a single stud just isn't a great idea. It's heavy.

Is there a need to mount it on a single stud?

Is there a need to have an articulating mount?

Articulating mounts will usually push your display out another few inches too. Will that be alright visually with where you want to put it?

If this is something going above a fireplace in a new home, keep in mind that it's highly doubtful you will have a single stud right in the middle of the mantle.

2008-01-07, 11:09 PM
Got the same TV, ordered this Peerless articulating mount from a online store for around C$300?

Don't want to take a chance when mounting an 100 pounds expensive pieice of glass.


2008-01-12, 08:44 AM
Thanks everyone. I wanted the articulating arm so that we can swivel the TV to see it from our kitchen and living room.

I may look at one of the Peerless or Sanus models instead. They attach to 2 studs and look to be more sturdy.

I've seen both offered on eBay.

Bear2076, where did you get yours?


2008-01-12, 10:23 AM
I just mounted a display with the Sanus model last night. Was alright, but I still don't like swinging a 50" display around. The amount of stress at the wall is probably huge.

Kids may be a factor too.