: Flogging a Dead Horse - Small Plasma?

2008-01-05, 07:36 PM
My wife has MS and can no longer access our basement family room. I wanted to upgrade the bedroom set from a 27 inch Toshiba CRT to a 32 inch LCD which will fit nicely on the dresser. I had narrowed choices down to a Samsung 3242H but then I started reading about "jet lag" on fast moving objects, especially sports. Carol is a sports nut (Murphy's Law at work here) and I watched a lot of sports for several Sundays at FS and BB. I kept thinking I shouldn't have had that last beer because the pix was certainly going in and out of focus. I became aware that the problem is the 8ms response time and a sales rep showed me a 32" set (Panasonic?) that had 120Hz instead of the 60Hz with a response time of 6ms. The 3-football rule was still in play and 3 or 4 hours of Sunday sports would drive us both insane (short drive by the way). I searched the internet for a 32 inch plasma but no such animal seems to exist, at least not in a name brand that I could trust. Are we SOL? Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I need the brownie points. sailmaker

2008-01-05, 11:48 PM
I believe that the smallest Plasma is 37" and those are pretty rare since they are as expensive as 42", so people buy the 42.

2008-01-06, 03:09 AM
ur in luck...sort of.

LG 32" Flat-Panel Plasma EDTV


Native Resolution 852 x 480

but its what u wanted. G/L :)


LG's famed XD Engine and 10-bit video and colour processor are capable of producing over 280 trillion colours, capturing every shade and hue the human eye is capable of processing. The high 1500:1 contrast ratio deepens blacks and brightens whites, and the impressive less than one millisecond response time ensures that all on-screen movement is smooth and fluid.

As a flat panel TV, the 32PC5RV saves you tons of room in your viewing environment. You can display it on the included pedestal or have it mounted to your wall using VESA wall mounting specifications.

Please Note:This is an EDTV television. It is capable of accepting high definition signals and converting them into a 480p displayable EDTV signal. This display is compatible with both HD and SD signals.

RETAILS FOR $900 but can be found for much less on sale

2008-01-06, 08:01 AM
Thank you both for fast reply. 57: yes I agree that the size/cost factor does favour the 42 inchers and up but space is the limiting factor for Carol. Wall mounting is a slight possibility but viewing distance from screen now enters the mix. isajoo: Thanks for that heads up. Yes it is "only" ED not HD but 480 is a step up from CRT and that plus wall mounting opens up new lines of thought. One thought leads to another, to another, to an.... well you get the idea. sailmaker :confused:

2008-01-06, 02:29 PM
Why not try 42" Panasonic 1080p plasma?
I beleive the model# 42PZ700.

2008-01-07, 03:02 AM
did not mean to cause a startle over the whole edtv thing...just thought its best to know it b4 hand.

but definitely take a lot at that 32" plasma in store, when shopping for smaller tv for the neighbor(he got the 37" LG for the room, great tv by the way) both of us were surprised to see that it was actually a plasma next to all of the lcds(only could tell from the glare). its looked really good, could fool us easy.;)

wall mounting is not necessary, it would look fine above a tv stand or dresser cabinet.

with the 42" 1080P plasma u will appreciate the great picture quality even more at closer distances.