: No HDMI, just component - can I watch BR or HDDVD?

Michael R.
2008-01-02, 09:45 PM
I would like to buy a blue ray player, but my HDTV is from 1999, so it does not have HDMI inputs.

If I use component cables to connect the blue ray player to my HDTV, what picture resolution will I see?

2008-01-03, 12:53 AM
what picture resolution will I see?What is the exact make/model of your TV? I did a search for the model in your sig, but came up pretty empty. You may have a typo in the model number. I searched for 65X81 and came up with a CRT-based HDTV, so the native format would be 1080i.

Some TVs that had component video inputs in 1999 were not HDTVs, but SDTVs with CV inputs.

The HD-DVD player will output 1080i via component video, but what matters is what the TV can display. I don't recall many HDTVs in 1999. I bought mine in 2001 and it was pretty early in the game. I believe that the 81 at the end of the model would indicate a 2001 model...

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Alan Bealby
2008-01-03, 05:22 PM
My TV is a Toshiba TW65X81 CRT based RPTV. The TV came out in 1999 in the US but was only available in very limited numbers in Canada in very late 1999. I got mine in May 2000.

It accepts 480i and 480p signals which it displays in 480p and accepts 1080i which it displays in 1080i. The 480p and 1080i, of course, only through the component inputs.

2008-01-03, 05:26 PM
Wow, I'm impressed that you still have one of those kicking around. I had the 40" version and the PQ when properly setup is great.

HD-DVD and BluRay players are capable of sending 1080i over component which will work just fine with your TV.

Michael R.
2008-01-03, 10:41 PM
Its a TW65X81 from 1999; sorry about that. It has had ISF (I think that's the right acronym) tuning, so the picture quality has been excellent until the television recently developed some issues. An earlier post mentioned the input capabilities correctly.

I need to repair or replace it in the not-too-distant future, but I digress.

I've read posts that say blue ray component output is 1080i, and I've read posts that say blue ray component output is handicapped to less than that for copy protection purposes.

Should I just go to the blue ray manufacturer's web sites and trust what I read there?

2008-01-03, 10:48 PM
Component output will only be downressed if the ICT flag is set on the media, which has not happened yet to my knowledge.

The manufacturers websites should have all the correct specs, notwithstanding any editorial errors.

2008-01-03, 11:12 PM
you'll get 1080I for your tv, I have HD DVD and Blu-ray, Both type of player's have setting's in the menu for you to select Output resolution that matches your tv. I use Component for my HD DVD since its a A3 and output's 1080I not 1080P and HDMI for my Blu-ray, both look great.

2008-01-04, 02:12 AM
I brought home a HD-A3 last week, ran out of HDMI inputs on my TV so tried component. PQ was very good so have left it running component.
You can set the BR/HDDVD player to output 720p or 1080i, decide which one looks best to you and stick with that.

Alan Bealby
2008-01-04, 04:34 PM
I got Ratatouille on DVD for Christmas and have tried playing it on my Toshiba HD player, an HD-A30KC. This movie has a DD 5.1 sound track.

Despite having the unit setup to output up to 1080i and DD5.1 it displays in 480p with 2 channel sound. The 480p doesn't bother me too much but I haven't been able to get it to output DD5.1 sound yet on the HD player or on one of my DVD players. I haven't been able to spend much time on it but it is very frustrating.

Another big annoyance is the junk (ads) that I have to let play before the Ratatouille movie starts. Especially frustrating when I am trying find out why I can't get DD5.1 sound from this disc.

2008-01-04, 04:39 PM
Regular DVDs will not be upscaled over component if Macrovision is present which is the case for all but a few DVDs.

Not sure why it won't put out 5.1 sound. There's probably some setting buried in a menu somewhere.

As for commercials, that's the most useful feature of my HTPC. I haven't watched a pre-movie commercial in years now. I totally underestimated the value of this feature at first.

Alan Bealby
2008-01-04, 09:04 PM

I probably did know about the lack of upscaling over component but my memory is decidedly getting poorer. My excuse is that I haven't had an upscaling player until just before Christmas.

Figured out the DD5.1 problem. Ratatouille has DD .0 as the default sound track. To change it I have to go MENU>SETUP>LANGUAGES and then select English DD5.1. I can't change it by pressing the AUDIO button while the movie is playing and changing the setting. I can't do it through that feature.

As far as the ads go I did stumble on a way to skip most of the ads this time but I am not sure I could do it again.

I had planned on replacing my Toshiba TV this past fall but other demands, and the fact that the TV is still working very well, caused me to delay until next fall. I'll see what the CES announcements are before deciding for sure.