: why should I buy a HDTV?

2007-12-25, 11:03 AM
From what I read on this forum and elsewhere the situation is this - even HD channels are not always in HD, I've even seen some HD golf broadcasts with the stationary cameras in HD and the mobile ones in SD, ExpressVu (satellite my only option) compressing their signals so that PQ is terrible, there is nothing broadcast in 1080p, defintely not going for a BluRay or HD-DVD player until they come to their senses and agree to one format, many broadcasters are still trying to work out the glitches, HDTV's are pricey and the technology is still immature.

Come on, convince me.

2007-12-25, 11:24 AM
No, there is no need to convince you. If you are not satisfied with the amount or quality of HD presently on the market, then no amount of convincing will do. It is up to your personal decision whether to "buy in" to HD or not.

And by the way, this topic has been discussed SEVERAL times in the forums already.

2007-12-25, 11:24 AM
You appear to be dead set against the purchase of an HDTV set. If you were somehow to be swayed into buying one, you'd likely find yourself disappointed by, and griping about, any shortcomings. So my suggestion is: "Don't bother."