: Best HDTV for Displaying HD 1080p Camcorder Video?

2007-12-24, 08:17 PM
Hello everyone,
In the spring I bought a Canon HV20 video recorder and would now like to buy a tv that will display my recorded film in all its hd glory. I have spent the past week searching the forum for advice and now know that the specs that made my eyes cross on my camera have tv equivalents.

The camera is capable of filming in 1080p resolution but I see the camera itself is marked 1080i. I was originally looking for a tv that accepted 1080p signals but I am assuming now that 1080i is good enough. Currently my tv viewing area can be anything from 4' to 9' in a room that can be quite bright during the day even without direct light on the tv screen.

I use the tv to watch dvds, (hopefully) home videos, and hockey games. I am not looking to add to my Shaw cable bill so will either not get hd or will drop the standard package for hd. I would like to get the best pq/price ratio I can with enough left over to buy a new dvd player (under $2000 total with taxes if I can) but will forgo the player if something else works better with the hd video.

Sets I've been considering:

Panasonic TH42PX75
Samsung HPT7454

Sony Bravia KDL40S3000
Sony Bravia KDL40V3000 (the difference between S and V being?)
Samsung LNT4061F
Panasonic TC32LX700 (seems a bit small though with advice that bigger is better)

The LCD bonus is to be able to use it as a computer monitor if I decide to upgrade the tv.

Am I right in assuming as long as the tv will accept a 1080i video input (for my home videos) that if the tv has a decent video processor a 720/768 display should be acceptable beyond 4 feet?

Thank you in advance for any information regarding use of hd video in an hdtv or advice on the purchase of the tv. Side by side comparision is not likely to be possible so any information will be helpful.