: Proscan LCD

2007-12-23, 11:46 PM
Does anyone know anything about Proscan LCD TV's? Canadian Tire has a 32" on sale for boxing day. Would like one for the bedroom. I thought at one time they were made by RCA? Any info would be appreciated.

2007-12-27, 08:36 AM
Proscans are made by Thompson Consumer Electronics. They make RCA, GE and of course Proscan. I believe years ago Proscans were made by Panasonic as they were virtually identical. (dont quote me on this)

I would assume that the move over to Thompson didn't exactly help their quality. As you may have noticed, RCA has practically disappeared from the TV world.

I personally would stay away. I was also looking at that TV (was tempted by the price) I ended up getting a Samsung for $150 more. A move that I believe I will thank myself years down the road.

2008-07-17, 05:39 PM
According to Wikipedia:

In December of 2006, Thomson SA agreed to sell off its Audio/Video and Accessories businesses, which includes all consumer electronics under the RCA and Thomson brands except TVs, (now part of TTE), and communications products such as cordless phones (which it will keep), to Audiovox. On October 16, 2007, Thomson SA agreed to sell its consumer electronics audio video business outside Europe including the worldwide rights to the RCA Brand for consumer electronics audio video products.

So this is not a High End RCA product. Audivox does not have a reputation for quality. Buyer Beware!