: LCD HDTV with TOS Link for AC3 audio OTA?

2007-12-22, 09:37 PM
I was looking for a Sony LCD HDTV when I realized that all Sony HDTVs except for the expensive XBR4 don't have a TOS Link for (optical Output).

So, if I'm only doing HDTV OTA I won't be able to have AC3 (digital 5:1) audio.

What is a good LCD HDTV with a TOS Link?

2007-12-23, 12:29 AM
Which model(s) were you looking at? Even the lower-end Bravia models claim to have a digital audio output. From Sony's website:

Audio Features

Sound Mode : Dynamic, Standard, Custom
MTS Stereo Decoder : Yes
A/V Synch : Off/1/2/3
Dolby® Digital : Yes (AC3 for ATSC)

Digital Audio Output(s) : 1 (Rear)

2007-12-23, 01:44 AM
Your right, I went into the manual on their site and there is an output for digital optical.

The model I was looking at wasvthe KDL46V3000.

When you go to their SonyStyle sight and do a comparison of other 46" TVs and go down to their Inputs/Outputs - TOS Link (Optical Output) they all show 0 except for the XBRs.


2007-12-23, 10:57 AM
Be aware that the optical output is designed for use with the internal digital tuner as you have discussed, but that it cannot usually be used as a "passthough" for other devices connected to the TV. See:

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=17870 (Bolding)

If the TV has an internal digital tuner (ATSC or QAM), then it will usually have an optical output. If the TV doesn't have an ATSC/QAM tuner, then there is no need for an optical output.