: Cannot see videos (any file or live TV) in MCE 2005 - proper codecs installed!

2007-12-21, 02:26 PM
As the subject says, I cannot see any video from MCE 2005. Before you close this thread quickly thinking it's another noob who just needs codecs, trust me it is not that. I have installed and tried K-Lite Codec Pack, Nvidia Decoder, WinDVD, and PowerDVD (all the codecs that Microsoft says they officially support). Not only that, I have installed the Windows XP Decoder Checkup Utility that allows you to select the preferred decoder, so I know that they have all been tried. When I open any video file, or even live TV, I can hear the audio but the video locks up at that circular loading thing when it would normally start up. My MCE 2005 is fully up to date with Rollup 2 and my Windows XP is also fully up to date. When I run Windows Update I have 0 recommended updates. Here are the specs on my machine:

Abit NF7-S rev. 2 motherboard
Hauppauge PVR-150 (with the latest MCE certified 3.2 drivers - although this would not matter as it won't even play mpeg's right now...)
NVIDIA Geforce3 ti200
Athlon 2500+ CPU

I have the latest 93.71 drivers for my video card from the nVidia site (albeit that's from November 2006) and have also tried a previous driver that I saw worked for someone else on some other forum. Mind you, they didn't have my exact video card... Also, DVD's and any video files play perfectly fine outside of MCE 2005 for me. WMP 11 plays everything fine, PowerDVD and WinDVD also. Note that I am just trying to get this to work from my CRT computer monitor using the standard VGA connection, and not a TV so that eliminates any possible resolution or TV issues. I have also tried lowering the resolution to as low as possible (800x600). One thing I noticed is that the FFD icon in the system tray seems to comes up no matter which codec I have selected in the Decoder Checkup Utility. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this should only come up if I chose ffd as the preferred decoder.. not if I selected nVidia, WinDVD or PowerDVD decoders.

My guess would be it's my video card for whatever reason, despite the nVidia site even specificially labelling the driver as compatible with MCE. I am going to try to get my hands on a more recent video card and give it a shot, even just to see if that's what the issue is here. However, if anybody has ANY recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. My day job is as a network administrator so troubleshooting is my job and I feel like I've tried everything, but maybe there's a common fix someone may know of regarding this issue? I've googled to no end it seems... I can't find anyone with a similar issue. Thanks to anyone for even considering taking this on. I appreciate it!

2007-12-21, 10:24 PM
Forgot to mention the really basic WinTV program that comes with Hauppauge tuners works fine, as does BeyondTV and SageTV. Of course, everything except the 1 program I do want to work. I want an all-in-one media machine that can play music, slideshows, etc. and that's exactly what MCE has...

Any advice at all? This is really annoying.. now it doesn't just lock up when loading though. It is a black screen with the audio playing. With live TV the audio stutters a bit though (doesn't do this with any other program... audio is fine, as is video).

2007-12-26, 12:59 PM
NVIDIA Geforce3 ti200

This the THE source of most if not all of your problems. It is also why noone has replied to this till now. Making your first paragraph statements and then leading right out with a RTFM level mistake, quite frequently gets you ignored.

MCE 2005 SPECIFICALLY states that you NEED a hardware level DirectX 9 supporting graphics card. There is no way around this as I have tried many times just for the fun of it. Upgrade to no less than an ATI Radeon 9500/9600 or GeForce 6xxx series card.

You also need to clean up your codec installation. Codec packs are literally the devil. Rip them out and replace them with FFDShow and perhaps Quicktime Alternative and the OGM wrapper codec. As for MPEG2 codecs, stick with the latest version of PowerDVD as this is the preferred choice from both ATI and NVidia as version 7.3 supports AVIVO (ATI) and PureVideo (NVidia).

Simply, the rule for codecs is the fewer the better. FFDShow is so good that the only thing better for video playback compatibility is VLC Media Player.

For any misfit video clips you have, download AVICodec and use it to identify what codec you need.

2008-01-02, 11:39 PM
Which version of ffdshow? The ffsdshow that you get when you Google ffdshow (which are data 2002-06-17) or the ffdshow-tryouts which are a few weeks old? I found that in Vista the original ffdshow caused MC to crash, as did the Divx and Xvid codecs. The only thing that worked for me in Vista was ffdshow tryouts.