: Sharp and Toshiba to Form Alliance in LCD and Semiconductor Businesses

2007-12-21, 12:44 PM
edited for brevity from press release issued today.

Sharp and Toshiba announced today that the two companies have agreed to collaborate closely in LCDs.

Sharp and Toshiba will initiate the collaborative partnership in fiscal year 2008, starting with an expansion of reciprocal procurement - Sharp's procurement of system LSIs for LCDs from Toshiba, and Toshiba's procurement of Sharp's LCD modules for TVs of 32 inches and larger. Through the program, Sharp aims to satisfy about 50 percent of its total demand for system LSIs for TVs in fiscal year 2010, while Toshiba targets meeting 40 percent of its demand for LCD modules in the same year.

The global market for LCD TVs is growing at a brisk pace, a trend expected to continue in coming years. While various types of displays are being brought to market, Sharp is channeling its resources into developing LCD TVs characterized by thin lines, light weight, high resolution images and a long lifetime, and into achieving progressive advances in reducing power consumption.

System LSIs for TVs are increasingly required to support advanced functions and higher levels of performance alongside their core role of image processing. As TVs shift to higher levels of resolution, Toshiba's system LSIs for TVs deliver the company's advanced expertise and achievements in image processing in products that meet the most exacting requirements of major TV set manufacturers.

In summary, Sharp makes the LCD panels and Toshiba makes the electronics for much of each others LCD televisions

2007-12-21, 02:29 PM
So now both TV brands can share banding AND green push? YAY!