: Playing games on my HD tv

2007-12-19, 11:17 PM
I have a question regarding Playing XBOX 360 games on my Toshiba Televison, Last time i tried to play my x-box 3 years ago on this FST pure Toshiba model, Right after playing My TV started to act strange and actullay kinda just messed up and my TV had lines had going across the whole screen and the picture would flicker. So after we replaced the TV with a brand new one my Dad Told me Gaming on the TV was a no-go so im getting a 360 in 5 days and im wondering if i have to do anything to get the games to work properly and not screw up my TV set

2007-12-20, 07:15 AM
I have no problems playing my PS3 and 360 on my HDTV. On the 360, make sure the HDTV is selected for video output and use the component or hdmi cable to hook it up to your TV

Canterbury Tail
2007-12-20, 10:00 AM
Sounds like you had a dodgy TV first time round that didn't like the signal. Odd, but there you are. Millions of people in North America alone play the 360, PS3 etc on a TV (I'd say probably 99% of people) and there is no problem with it. It's what they're designed to do.