: Random red pixels on HP PL4260N

2007-12-19, 10:56 AM
I've recently noticed random red pixels dancing all over the screen, especially visible on a black background. This shows on all inputs regardless of whether there is a signal coming through or not.

I tried unplugging all the connections on the back of the TV, and also the cable thinking it was interference from any of them, but the red pixels are still there.

It's VERY mild, and only noticeable if I go very close to the tv. I'm worried only because I read that this TV has alot of problems with red push, where there would be a red suffusion through part of the screen. I wonder if my random red pixels is the start of what will become a serious problem down the road.

I called HP and they got me to try the power drain (unplug TV from outlet and hold power button for 2 minutes) and that made it better for a few minutes and it came back). They suggested I tried a power conditioner or UPS to see if it's dirty power that's causing it. These things aren't cheap, does anyone think it's worth trying?

My warrenty from HP will run out in a month (bought the TV in Feb 2007). Should I just let them come in and replace the boards in the TV? I've read that many times replacing the board makes the problem worse and people have to bitch like hell to get either a refurb or a new tv from HP.

I certainly would appreciate suggestions from anyone who has gone through this or who might have the tech knowledge. Thanks.