: Panasonic TH-42PZ700 vs Sony KDL-40XBR4

2007-12-18, 02:56 PM
Shopping for a new TV has been an exhausting experience so far with the myriad of options available. After a long search I have narrowed it down to two candidates, listed in the topic of this post.

Some info and requirements:

The TV will be used as display for mostly HD source (1080i HD cable and 720p Xbox 360 as well as future 1080p BluRay/HD DVD) and upconverted 480p DVD material. I have a Denon AVR4308 that does an admirable job of upconverting my current SD DVD source. The only other SD content displayed will be the kid's channels and my 4 year old doesn't care about PQ :-)

The TV will be in a living room with varying lighting conditions and should be able to handle a fairly bright room. I play a lot of video games so fast motion response is a priority.

The 40/42 inch size is dictated by WAF and viewing distance, about 8 feet. I am happy with that, don't need anything bigger.

Both sets are 1080p. I know that at 40" that doesn't make much of a difference but somehow I just want 1080p. Call me stubborn.

Most information I have favors plasma over LCD. However I gather the Sony is about the best LCD display on the market right now, I have seen it and it looks very good. I haven't seen the Panasonic yet. There are no stores that carry both around here so a side by side comparison is not an option. I have read the long threads about Plasma vs LCD and don't mean for this post to turn into another debate. I don't care about power consumption or budget, both are similiarly priced ($2539 vs $2799) and anything under $3K is good with me.

So given all this, I am a bit stumped. Perhaps a coin toss will do the trick or I will let the wife decide based on looks of the set (in which case my bet is on the Sony). But I'd like a more educated way of making the decision. Any opinions welcome!