: Philips 47PFL9732D LCD Television Discussion

2007-12-18, 10:39 AM
Well this 47" baby arrived at the Digital Home today along with the Philips HTS8100 SoundBar, a two-piece home theatre unit that includes an upscaling DVD player, Faroudja video processing and eight speakers.

Features of the Philips 47PFL9732D include:

1920x1080p Native Resolution
120Hz Clear LCD
Ambilight 2 ChannelBased on DisplaySearch research I suspect the LCD Module is purchased from Sharp so it has a good pedigree.

I'll post my thoughts as I go along and any owners feel free to jump into the discussion.

2007-12-18, 02:45 PM
Well, I just spent some setting up this set and I am very impressed.

Setup was very straightforward:

Unpack Box (very well done and easy to do)
Setup stand by screwing four screws into uprights using supplied screws and allen key
On the floor, slide stand uprights into the tv. Screw in two screws
Place set on furniture

Cable Setup

Plug in HDMI cable from 8300HD PVR.
Plug in cables from DVD player

TV Startup

Next I turned on and they had a great setup menu where you compared pictures and sound and the "wizard" optimized the picture and sound. Very Cool.

Once it was working, I removed the plastic from the bezel and some other retail stickers without incident.

Total setup time was maybe 20 minutes.

Initial impressions - Very Positive.

2007-12-18, 04:13 PM
I have the previous version, 47PFL7422D/37, to this screen and it's a Phillips own panel, so I'll imagine this one is too. Sharp only supplied the 42 & 52" panels hence people have been complaining about the banding issues that have plagued the Aquos LCD's.

It is an absolutely lovely LCD to watch and use and has come in under the radar of a lot of buyers out there who seemed obsessed with Toshiba, Samsung & Sony.

2007-12-20, 08:43 AM
From what I have read from DisplaySearch, Philips doesn't make panels but regardless, my initial impressions of this set after just an hour or so of viewing is quite positive.

2007-12-20, 04:28 PM
Hugh, I think you'll find that in collaboration with LG, Philips are one of the leaders in LCD & Plasma panel production. I stand to be corrected.

And it is a mighty fine panel to watch. I've been impressed with Philips ever since I got a CRT from them back in the 90's. I'd had Toshiba, Sharp & Sony beforehand, and Philips just blew them away. So, it was a no-brainer once it came over here.

2007-12-27, 01:56 PM
I couldn't wait to see it when I saw the AD with $800 instant rebate, however, I was a bit worrying about the true contrast ratio. When I was in front of the TV, I was disappointed. In compare with others, it looks too dark. I got the staff to adjust it for me, and it didn't impress me.

True contrast ratio seems to be pretty important in terms of quality of picture.

2008-01-08, 01:01 PM
Anything new to report on your time with the unit?

I've done some searching but the only Canadian dealer I'm finding in NCIX, with stores in BC.

Is there anyone in Ontario carrying the series?


2008-01-08, 01:40 PM
I was watching the LSU Bowl game last night on it and I remain impressed. This is one of the nicest LCD's I have had the chance to watch. No motion tearing on football or when watching the world junior championship of hockey last week which has always been an issue for me with LCD panels.

I have only watched HD programming on it (no SD for me) and have been very satisfied. We watch this set primarily at night and in the dark so I can't believe I am saying this but the ambilight is truly amazing. I've know for a long time that back-lighting greatly reduces eye strain, improve apparent PQ etc but I have to admit that I have never delved that deeply into experimenting with it.

My wife and I have both commented in the last week that we really think the ambilight is an excellent addition and wonder why more manufacturers aren't offering it.

2008-01-08, 03:10 PM

I saw a blurb about ambilight on Daily Planet a couple of months ago - and it even looked impressive on tv, so I've been wanting to see/hear more about it - as I've known the benefits of backlighting as well.

I'll have to keep an eye out for an Ontario dealer...

2008-01-08, 03:23 PM
Previous discussion of bias lighting, see below: