: Small outdoor LCD television for patio?

2007-12-17, 07:02 PM
Anyone have any good suggestion for a small LCD television that is portable enough to move outdoors to be viewed in the shade on a patio? Would like to be able to take it around with minimal setup. Needs to have a tuner or a rca input for a wireless radio frequency setup from my indoor satellite box.
I've seen some Samsung 17" foldable LCD tuner monitors but feel outdoors the screen would be difficult to watch in the daytime even under the patio table umbrella.
The ideal LCD portable tv would be to have a HDTV tuner to maybe receive some HDTV from a small external antenna, also to have 1080p type resolution would be asking to much..?

2007-12-17, 07:11 PM
Its not asking much at all, that is if you already have a laptop computer. You can purchase a separate USB OTA tuner such as AutumnWave On-Air GT or Hauppage units (there are several of them in the market) that are ATSC tuners that will give you HDTV reception (if there are any broadcasting in your area).

Such devices have been discussed in the following thread:


It's probably a more economical solution than buying a smallish LCD TV with ATSC tuner, considering that at that size most LCD displays usually only have NTSC tuners.
You can also use the laptop to watch movies if it has a DVD optical drive, or if you have stored video files on the harddrive.

2007-12-21, 11:32 AM
1080p native display on a screen of the size you're looking for would be wasted money.