: which to upgrade... TV or Speakers?

2007-12-16, 05:02 PM
hi all,

i don't know if i am in the right forum but wanted to ask people here. i am planning to upgrade my TV and speakers. but if you have to select only one... which will you upgrade first.. TV or Speaker?

right now i have a 47" Samsung RP HDTV (no HDMI or DVI but only component 1080i). my TV is already 5 years old. on the other hand, my speakers is Dahlquist Orbit 5.1 and receiver is Harman Kardon AV-125. all them were purchased in year 2002 so they are 5 years old as well.

currently i have on order a 5.0 speakers at AV123.com but there is a delay in getting them. speakers alone will cost me about CAD$2000 plus i still have to buy a subwoofer (probably $700) and upgrade my receiver (probably $800) as well.

due to the delay in getting the speakers, i am contemplating of canceling the order and just purchase a TV. i am leaning of getting the sony 52w3000 or samsung ln-t5265F or the sony 60a2020. what do you think?

2007-12-16, 05:26 PM
What's wrong with the Orbits or the TV? I would just add a good, solid subwoofer for movies or status quo. Do you have an upconverting DVD player like the LG 7832 or Zenith 318 which both upconverts to 720p or 1080i via component with the right firmware? An Oppo would do as well.


2007-12-16, 11:51 PM
yeah, i do have the oppo 970hd. there is nothing wrong with my set-up by just wanted to upgrade. is it a waste of money you think?

2007-12-17, 01:16 AM
I would go for the TV upgrade because the increase in screen size is going to give you the most noticeable upgrade and you probably already get pretty good sound with the speakers and receiver you have right now. Get an HD DVD or Blu-ray player (or even a PS3) and you'll be able to enjoy full 1080p on the new set.

2007-12-17, 02:17 AM
stargazer, i was about to PM you. are you the same stargazer at odyclub.com? anyway, my question is what size TV and brand did you purchased? at first i am leaning at getting the sony 60a3000 but they are not available here in canada so i am moving down to 60a2020. but my wife wants the sony bravia which leads me to 52w3000 but there is also the xbr2/3/4. i am not sure but i think the only difference is the motion flow (120Hz?). does it really make a significant difference? also did you get the hd-dvd or the blu-ray or both? if i am going with blu-ray i will definitely get the ps3 as you will get both the game a standalone player.

2007-12-17, 02:31 AM
Small (Internet) world :). Ever since getting my new set, I haven't been hanging around over there very much. Just a few short months ago, I was in the group: "I don't need HD--I'm not going to pay extra for it." Now I've done a complete 180 and am on the side that says: "I can't wait to buy my next Blu-ray movie!"

I got the 52W3000 bundled with a Sony S300 Blu-ray player. I was about to buy a PS3 but the deal I got was too good to pass up. I'll definitely be getting a PS3 down the road, but I won't have to do it right away.

I'm really happy with the TV. There have been some complaints about motion blur on the Sony. I'm not that sensitive to it, so I don't notice it. It's best if you check it out yourself in the store. One of the reasons why I didn't place 120 Hz top priority was because of some reviews that I read that said it didn't make a significant difference in picture quality. This set gave me a bigger screen with 1080p for less than the other sets I was considering.

2007-12-17, 02:36 AM
can you share where you purchased your TV and how much you paid for both the blu-ray player deal? did you also purchased the matching stand?

i am still debating whether to upgrade my TV now and speakers later or speakers now and TV later (until the price for XBR4 drops). i was tempted to buy those XBR4 at Sony outlet in Tulalip but warranty is my main concern.

2007-12-17, 02:49 AM
Because of my home arrangement, I did not buy the stand. Check your PM.

2007-12-17, 09:37 AM
How far are you from the TV? 1080p is only good if you are quite close to the TV. Hard to notice otherwise.

If you want to go big, go big as possible. I just got my Samsung LNT4665 recently....sure a 5265 would have been better. ;)


2007-12-17, 10:38 AM
My viewing distance will be approx 10feet.

Per Consumer Search website: The best 52in LCD is Samsung LNT5265.

I wonder how much difference to have the 1080/24 120Hz refresh rate to the a TV with just the 60Hz. Can you really see the difference?

2007-12-17, 10:39 AM
stargazer, thank you. i will wait until there is a same deal as yours.