: Best LCD close to $1000?

2007-12-13, 05:37 PM
Hey Merry Christmas everyone !

I've spent the last few nights scouring this forum and educating myself on various models. I'm hoping to buy a 37" (or so) LCD for my mom for Christmas. She watches 80% SD and about 20% HD. I've been told the Sharp LC37D43U is a pretty good set and I've also looked at the Sony KDL37M3000 and a Samsung....I'm totally flying without a chute here...any help would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

2007-12-13, 05:41 PM
HOnestly, pretty much anything at that price is comparable. Probably get slightly more bang for the buck by getting an off-brand LCD.

2007-12-13, 06:07 PM

I guess I should have asked about those models as far as picture quality in both "standard" and "high" instead of "bang for the buck". The problem is her daytime viewing habits are CNN and Court TV...both SD. If it weren't for that I'd go plasma but i'm worried about burn in.

rod farva
2007-12-13, 08:52 PM
plasma won't burn in. there, myth busted.

2007-12-13, 08:59 PM
Burn-in has been discussed here:


and here:


In short, plasmas are still susceptible to burn-in if NOT setup properly (left in torch mode) or if "abused".

2007-12-13, 10:47 PM
Railguy - I'll throw in a suggestion for the Toshiba 37HL67. According to Consumer Reports, its SD quality is superior to the Sharp. Many retailers seem to be out of stock (and now only carrying the inferior model 37hl57), so it could be a challenge finding one in your area. Good luck!

2007-12-13, 11:13 PM
i helped the neighbor pick out the LG 37" last weekend @ BB. came to $1g taxes in. looks great.

2007-12-14, 03:48 PM
It's a 42" 1080p display that fits your price range. There is a very long discussion thread on this display on the Red Flag Deals website. The thread contains all the usual discussion comparing it to displays from Sharp, Samsung, etc. Of course, value is very subjective and it depends on your requirements, expectations and your wallet. I bought one and love it.

After some tweeking, the HD and regular DVD pictures are terrific and the SD is pretty good too (via a Shaw DCT4612).

2007-12-15, 10:04 AM
Man oh man, the more I research on here, the more I get bamboozled. Some folks saying Plasma burn-in wouldn't be an issue (even with 80% SD viewing)....others saying it would be. As far as LCD goes...it looks like the Toshiba may be an option given its SD is deemed very very good.

2007-12-16, 09:58 AM
Spent the Saturday fighting holiday traffic and visited Best Buy, Futureshop & Centre HiFi here in Montreal. looked at Sharp, Toshiba & Samsung...all in the 37" to 42" size. To be honest, all three look good to me but seeing them in a store environment is so useless. I think I'm down to either the Sharp or Samsung ???

2007-12-17, 09:30 AM
I'd say Sharp LC37D62U. It's a native 1080p set & you could get it for $1169 at a FS's recent Friends and Family Sale.

2007-12-17, 09:40 AM
Sears has flat panels on sale this week...for instance the Sharp LC42D64U is $1500

2007-12-17, 04:59 PM
I'm only looking for a 720P model and I guess its just a "flip a coin" issue because at that price point most seem to be fairly close as far a picture goes. I'll watch the prices over the next few days.

2007-12-17, 06:06 PM
im looking for the sharp 37 inch..... have they fixed their banding issues?

2007-12-17, 06:07 PM
Discussion of "banding" on Sharp LCDs can be found here:


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