: TH-58PZ750 vs TH-58PZ700 scaling

2007-12-13, 02:41 PM

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in scaling between the Panasonic TH-58PZ750 vs TH-58PZ700.
I read a review listing some problems they found on the 50" models which I assume would be the same for the 58". Below is an excerpt from that review. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Problem Areas
The Panasonic had problems that only cropped up under certain conditions. With a 1080p/60 signal, I got an image, but it was cropped off on both the right side and the bottom. The set would not lock onto a 1080p/24 source at all. Also, in some aspect ratios, particularly Zoom, the image was shifted drastically off-center. Fortunately, this did not affect the Full mode, which I used for most of my viewing. I had occasional trouble getting an HDMI lock with the Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1 Blu-ray player.

I was able to spend time with a sample of the less expensive TH-50PZ700U, which is functionally similar in many respects. This set worked fine with the Pioneer Blu-ray player, and did accept and properly display a 1080p/60 input. But it still did not respond properly to 1080p/24.

Also, the front HDMI input on our review sample did not work. We worked with Panasonic to try and get a look at a second sample in time for this report but that didn't happen.

The TH-50PZ750U was nearly flawless at deinterlacing difficult standard-def program material. The TH-50PZ700U I checked out performed poorly with the same material, suggesting that one significant advantage of the more expensive model is better video processing.

2007-12-14, 09:42 AM
I sent an email of to Panasonic and this is the response:

Mr xxxxx,

Unfortunately the review you read made very little sense - the PZ700 and thePZ750 are the same television, aside from the fact that the PZ750 has a fewextra menu features, AVCHD over SD card capabilities, and a side HDMI input.

Both television have the same processor, scaler, panel, and essentially"brains".

The television has a 3% overscan (most televisions do), which can beeliminated via the HDMI size option in the menu. The 3% overscan is tocorrect any underscan problems common with some broadcasts.

The television does not support 1080p/24 over HDMI, so at least that part of the review was accurate.

As far as the image being off center or shifted to the left, this was an issue found with several Blu-ray and HD DVD players, and firmware was released to correct the software in those players - the televisions were never the problem.

So I can say with all confidence that no, there is not a scaling difference between the 58PZ700 vs the 58PZ750, nor with the 50PZ700 vs the 50PZ750! I hope this clarifies things for you.

2007-12-14, 10:19 AM
Very good response from Panasonic.

2007-12-14, 10:28 AM
I don't know if there are any similarities, but C/Net has rated the Panny PT 61LCZ70 as being only "fair" with a 6.2 (out of 10) rating. It is on their site to-day.