: Panasonic TC32LX60C - Color problems...

2007-12-10, 09:22 PM

Wondering if anyone could give me some info regarding a problem that has started to crop up on our panasonic tv. Over the past month, the set is dropping to what looks comparable to a windows machine booting into safe mode look on the display. I am not really sure how to explain it other then that. Color depth is not there almost like a negative but, it has some blues and reds in there. It only occurs approx once every 15-20 times it is turned on. Is this a problem with the set or does it need a firmware upgrade? It is about 2 weeks from being a year old. Any information would be appreciated.

2007-12-10, 11:50 PM
Do you have items connected to the TV? How are they connected? Does it happen on all inputs? Here's a checklist for you.


2007-12-11, 04:27 PM

Thank you kindly for the response. I have read many of your posts throughout the message boards and your assistance is appreciated. I will explain what is connected to it and then answer the pertinent questions from your list of items.

There is a DVD player connected through component connection. There are no external speakers or reciever hooked up. Just plan old basic cable tv hooked through a coax (I have tried two different cables). It does happen on both DVD and regular TV. It is a very basic setup just to get some TV before crashing out at night.

0. Read the manuals. Don't think: "I know it all".
***I have read through it and the trouble shooting section.

1. Is everything plugged in properly? If you're using a power bar, try plugging the component(s) directly into the wall. Also try a different circuit of the home (use an extension cord if necessary). Try unplugging the component for an hour or so. Sometimes this will "reset" it. Plug it back in.
***Everything has been disconnected and reconnected. Still doing the same thing. No power bar in the mix. I will try to unplug the TV for a hour and see if any changes are evident

2. Many problems are due to poor connections. Don't just check your connections, unplug the cable, clean the ends and the contacts on the components if necessary with "isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol" and if possible "reverse" the ends. Put what was at one end into the other component. Make sure that the "colours match". Red-red, Green-Green, etc. This goes for HDMI/DVI cables too. Many people have resolved issues by unplugging/replugging cables. Try a different (set of) cable(s) if you have it (them). This includes the cable, Sat, OTA cables if you have an issue there. Make sure the cables are well inserted (use a twisting motion for component video cables) and also check for bent pins.
***I will double check all these points and modify my post if they are an issue.

4. When plugging in, double check that you have outputs going to inputs and not outputs to outputs. Also, make sure you have the cable going to the CORRECT input/output - check to make sure.
***Will double check.

5. If 're-using' (old) cables, and having a problem, Swap with known 'working' cables.
***Two sets of coax cables have been tried.

17. Check for any reset switches, or blown fuses.
***All seem to be ok.

Arctic Tweak
2008-11-23, 04:47 PM
This is 32" LCD 720p flat panel. Last week, for no obvious reason it developed the following display problem:

The screen is checkered with rectangle boxes that create a shadowing effect on the screen. All colors seem to be fine, but the general resolution is obviously effected.

Trouble shooting: I have tried everything. Reset, removing components and using different circuts. The problem seems to be internal because even when switching to other (not used) inputs, the blank screen is still showing this effect. It can be seen withing menues and every other screen I can produce.

I have searched various forums and haven't found anything. This thread is the closest one. Can anyone out there offer any advice???

2008-11-23, 05:33 PM
HDless...I've had a similar problem and it turned out that 1 component jack was flakey. Try this, when picture is ok pull out 1 component plug at a time to see if the problem is duplicated.