: LCD TV to fit panel size

2007-12-10, 05:28 PM
I am looking to find the best and largest LCD to fit a specific location.

The TV does not need speakers as I will drive the sound through a seperate amp speaker combo. This means the minimum size besel would be preferred.

The TV will be wall mounted and will not require a wal stand as we think we can attach it directly from the back.

Ideally Component in although HDMI or DVI should not be a problem

I would like HD to at least 720p and picture quality overall is very important.

I would like wide screen format

Now the tricky bit.

Maximum sizes: are 31 inches wide, 24 inches high and 4.5 inchesd deep.

Anyone any suggestions?

2007-12-10, 05:49 PM
With a width of 31" you'll be looking for a screen size of at least 30". LCD TV's only come in certain size steps so you'll have to check individual brands.

In my search for maximizing screen size, I found that Toshiba's had the smallest bezels and they've now introduced a super-thin bezel series. Where some brands I could only fit 50", with a Toshiba I could have gotten a 56".

Now, most owner's manuals recommend that you leave enough space around the TV for air circulation--usually about 4" around the sides and top. If you're going to put the TV in an enclosed space, you may not want it to fill then entire opening. I never discovered this until after I bought my first LCD, so I don't have the clearance on the sides, but luckily the top is open to dissipate heat. I did loose access to the side controls/inputs, though.

2007-12-10, 06:33 PM
Thanks for your response. I looked at the Tosh but the smallest they make is the 40 which is still too big - As for venting their is no problem the TV is going to sit on a lift. The restriction is the maximium size of the back board

2007-12-10, 08:09 PM
There are several brands (LG, Panasonic, Sharp etc.) that make a 32" that might fit in your space. In the end, I shopped with my tape measure :).

2007-12-11, 07:45 AM
Like was said below, make sure there's extra space along the top....these things produce lots of heat.