: What Sports Package do you like the Best and Why?

2007-12-09, 06:08 PM
Hey guys,

Just curious to find out what is everyones favourite most watched sports package out of the following that is currently offered to us.

NHL Centre Ice
NFL Sunday Ticket
NBA League Pass
NCAA Football and Basketball
MLB Extra Innings
OHL Action Pack
Nascar Hotpass
Setanta Sports

What is it that you like the most ... HD coverage, watching your favorite teams, or the fact of watching your favorite sport?

Mine would be NHL Centre Ice, and why you ask well because I am a huge hockey fan, and love staying up late and watching the west coast games at 10pm, and as well watching all the great rivalries that the NHL has to offer, and same goes for Baseball during the season.

Thanks Guys ... Just interested in hearing everyone's opinion on this topic.

2007-12-09, 07:42 PM
NHL for sure. I have the $30 package, but have never watched any other league/sport other than NHL. I will cancel at the end of the NHL season.

I also get Sentanta...which is a channel IMO and not a package.

2007-12-09, 09:15 PM
I mainly watch the NHL package in the winter and MLB Extra Innings in the summer ... I have had the SSP for over 2 years now and love it. From day tto day I like watching a little bit of every league and like the fact that Rogers and Cogeco have the OHL AP, its a good alternative to the NHL. I'll watch NBA LP, Nascar, NCAA F and B if only there is nothing else on or the games are in a blowout.

For 30 dollars a month you can't beat it, you get every game that is offered and all 7 leagues ... it's great. Try going to the USA and getting this deal, because you can't, they only offer these packages in single format i.e you pay for a season.

I also get Sentanta...which is a channel IMO and not a package.

BTW according to the SSP off-air schedule and as well wikipedia, Setanta Sports is a package ... " a version of Setanta Sports called Setanta Sports International Pack launched on August 10, 2007 as a pay-per-view package" from wikipedia.

2007-12-14, 08:39 AM
When your cable/internet bill is 120-130 bucks and you have not even factored in your super sports pack of 30, it gets a bit much imo.

2007-12-18, 04:11 PM
I love Sunday Ticket the most although I think it needs to go HDef for all the games. Totally different experience in HD to say the least. If all the games were in HD, I would be hard pressed to decide between American footballl and hockey.

2007-12-18, 04:31 PM
If they go all hd your going to be paying big time for it.

2007-12-19, 01:57 PM
>>>I also get Sentanta...which is a channel IMO and not a package.<<<

I think the reason it is a "package" is that if it was a "channel", the CRTC wouldn't let us watch it.