: Mulitple connections?

2007-11-26, 09:26 AM
Ok noob question alert...

but.. why do I need the RCA and video (yellow) connection between TV and receiver? In addition to the composite and digital optical audio?

I just bought Panasonic 750u plasma and Denon AVR-888 (which has one HDMI 1080P upconversion).


2007-11-26, 09:52 AM
why do I need the RCA and video (yellow) connection between TV and receiver?

You're asking this question about connecting an A/V receiver to your television but you are posting a schematic for a connection between your tv and cable set top box?

What are you trying to ask? and more importantly, what are you trying to accomplish?

2007-11-26, 10:18 AM
The schematic describes every possible combinations of connections...you certainly don't need them all. Read the manuals and choose the best connection you can given the gear you own.

Specifically, from the schemetic if you use the component leads to connect the TV and the AVR then you don't need that yellow lead.

2007-11-26, 10:18 AM
The diagramme shows all the possible connections. You do not need to use them. You only need one HD connection for video from the STB to the TV (or through the AVR) and one digital audio connection from the STB to the AVR. See:


And: http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=57741

In order to see the OSD on the TV from the AVR a composite connection is required on a lot of AVRs, some newer AVRs allow use of the OSD via component or HDMI, depending.

Echo Echo Echo.

2007-11-26, 10:37 AM
Thanks guys. I re-read my post and it is not clear. My bad. Your responses answered my question.