: Sharp Aquos not sensing component plugged in

2007-11-03, 02:01 AM
I just got a Sharp 37inch and seem to have problems hooking up my dvd player through the component in on Input 3. It doesn't sense it most often being plugged in and when it does sense it, it loses the signal and I can't access it anymore. I've tried different players through the input and they all aren't sensed at all. Any way to manually turn the input on? thanks!

2007-11-03, 03:21 AM
Make sure the cables on both ends are plugged in tight. If it still doesn't work try a different component cable and see if that makes a difference.
Since the Sharp has 2 Component Video inputs, try the other Component Video input (input 2 I think?) and see how the other CV input works.

2007-11-03, 10:52 AM
Are you assuming that the TV will automatically switch to that input? Or are you switching to that input using the appropriate button (usually labelled "source, or input, or TV/video or via the menu). The latter manual selection of an analogue input is often (but not always) required.

Also, make sure that the input has not been "skipped" in the input setup menu - this is often combined with the labelling of the inputs where one of the labels is "skip", which eliminates the input from the list - you need to "unskip" it.

As stated above, make sure you've got the cables plugged in properly at both ends.

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2007-11-03, 11:23 AM
Make sure you have the component cables in the right ports as well. I have a Sharp 32" LCD and I made some long component cables out of RG6. I was having a similar issue as you until I realized I mixed up the ends of the cable.