: PRIMA LV-1510P/LV-1910P Warranty

2007-10-28, 09:59 PM
We purchased a PRIMA 19" LCD TV with a DVD player from BEST BUY in Regina SK on Mar 21, 2007.We did not purchase the extended warranty. The TV quit working in June and we took it in to an authorized repair depot in Regina in June. The repair center had not heard back from PRIMA on their request for parts as of August 21. We have tried to contact PRIMA's Vancouver office to no avail. The first time we called we left a voice mail, after waiting a week and getting no response we called again, this time the message was the mauilbox was full. All subsequent calls have resulted in getting the same mailbox full message. Attempts to get other contact info from the PRIMA US web site result in being redirected to the dead end Canadian Site.

Does anyone have any info on how we can successfully contact PRIMA to get this resolved.

2007-10-28, 11:51 PM
There have been many similar issues with these off-brand flat panels - Prima, Vizio, etc. They basically sell the TVs, but don't like to service, or provide parts to service depots, based on feedback from forums such as this one.

Mostly they scrap the panels and provide a new one from what I hear. Sorry about your problem, and I hope you can get it resolved.