: How to deal with BEV billing errors

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2007-09-01, 08:39 PM
I am cencelling my HD next week. When I called weeks ago I was told I was paying the rental cost of a SD receiver instead of a HD. In order to cancel the HD feed they said I would have to pay a years worth of the rental difference $7 per month. I had originally agreed but now I am not so sure. Should this be my responsiblity? I paid what was asked on time every month for my 1 year obligation. What should I do?

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-01, 09:13 PM
Pay the bill... Express Vu provided the service, I don't see why we woudn't charge yo the full cost of the rental

2007-09-01, 11:56 PM
Brooker are you staying with expressvu or leaving?

2007-09-02, 12:28 AM
Just tell them that if that’s the case you're just going to cancel everything and go to Star Choice. It's not your fault they screwed up. Tell them you were thinking of going to SC because they have no charge HD and this billing error on their part just sealed your decision... at this point it's a no brainer... just tell them that!

2007-09-02, 12:57 AM
I have to agree with HDTV101. Just tell them you're going to cancel. Sometimes when a company makes an error they just have to suck it up. It's not your fault they charged you incorrectly.

2007-09-02, 01:14 AM
Agent, clearly you have 0 idea of what customer service is.

This customer paid their bill every month and paid what was asked.
In the long term, is it better to collect a measely $84.00 and lose a customer, or lose $84 and keep the revenue from that customer?
It's a simple business equation that just makes sense and in the end, everybody wins.

Instead of telling him to pay the bill, why don't you instant message this customer and offer to fix the problem?

Or even better, be proactive, find out this person's account number and a assist them and then report the billing error so that BEV can investigate if it's happened to anyone else.

Nem, who is tired of your supposed 'great customer service'

2007-09-02, 06:35 AM
Nemnoch do you work for Bell? I hope you do....Great Post!!!

2007-09-02, 10:11 AM
BEV also 'mistakenly' 'gave away' the timeshifting on SD US networks for free to customers paying for the HD pack. ie, instead of charging these customers the $1 extra for the second feed of SD US networks, they did not charge them anything. At the time I signed up for HD, I was told that I would lose my second feed of US SD networks, but never did. A couple months back, these customers were informed that they would lose the second SD US network feed unless they wanted to pay the $1 extra per month (which I am assuming almost none did, since these feeds are duplicated on the HD channels). NONE of them were told they had to pay the $1 for each month that they received the channels for free, in error. This was the case for me for at least 30 months.

Armed with this info, I would call in and ask to talk to a manager about being treated unfairly as compared to other BEV customers that were undercharged via a BEV error.

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-02, 10:30 AM
Nemnoch there isnothing I could do... There has been a mistake on the bill and client was originally aware of the cost of the receivers. He knew all the way that he was paying less than he should have. Of couse he didn't call and mention it. Now we realised that there was a mistake and it's only normal that we charge the client the amount that he should already have paid

He could certainly call in and say he wants to leave, he woul probably get a reention offer just like any other client, but ould still have too pay that charge

JB1 as discussed in many other threads the SD extra feed was NEVER included with the HD Value Pack. Client who didnot suscribe to it got it by mistake for a certain period of time for free, then they got that message on the bill and have to suscribe to get it just like it always was. The second HD feed is included in the HD Value Pack

2007-09-02, 11:05 AM
He knew all the way that he was paying less than he should have. Of couse he didn't call and mention it.

How do you get this idea?

There is nothing in Brooker's original post which gives any indication that he was aware of the discrepancy until he was informed by BEV.

2007-09-02, 12:24 PM
Switch providers. Take your pick. Anything is better than Bell abuse. Agent, do you think that many customers are going to call because their bill isn't high enough????? If a company underbills a customer. It's the companys loss.

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-02, 12:47 PM
By the way Nemnoch my average on quality is 88%...I guess I deliver good customer service don't I? If I wasn't my average woudn't be that high! Were do I loose points most of the time? Forgot to mention self serve tool, or forgot to ask if client is satisfied with the service at the end. Also often loose points on the sales part, when they say they don't want I just move on instead of rebottling and try to close the call

My first calll resolution is 80%...and should even be higher, we are making verifiction right now on how that stat is calculated because we belive that even if client calls for another reason later on it would lower my first call resolution , and that shoudn't be the case.

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-02, 12:53 PM
Gorilla when you make the original order the charges are well explained...programming cost and espacially cost of equipement

A 6100 is 10$
A 4100 is 3$

They often describe you various receivers and giving you the price of each to make sure you really pick what best suits your needs

i hate tv
2007-09-02, 12:54 PM
With all of the false imformation given out by various CSR's, it would not surprise me if Brooker did NOT know what his bill SHOULD have been
Why is it the customers fault that he was not billed enough?
I agree with other posters that Bell should suck it up, and investigate why the billing error occured
Maybe charge the CSR that screwed up for the difference?
I'm sure if there was an ounce of responsibilty on the CSR's part, they might take more care in setting up a customers account/billing info
I have had my share of billing/channel screw ups with Bell, and think they should take responsibilty for their billing errors, and not pass the buck to the customer, who may take his bucks to another provider
I'm pretty sure a customer who is advised of the error, and told that Bell will not be charging the customer for Bells mistake, is less likely to leave than a customer who is told "Hey, we screwed up your bill for the last year or so, and now we want you to pay the difference "

i hate tv
2007-09-02, 01:05 PM
Gorilla when you make the original order the charges are well explained...programming cost and espacially cost of equipement

A 6100 is 10$
A 4100 is 3$

They often describe you various receivers and giving you the price of each to make sure you really pick what best suits your needs
My nieghbor had the charges explained to him as well
All the same channels he is getting with Rogers, NO rental charges for the 2 digital boxes, 1 HD, and 1 standard, and free installation for $30
I told him it was BS, that the basic package was around $30, not including the HD channels, and rental of the boxes
He told me i was crazy, that he had spoken to the CSR, and been promised of this deal
I asked if he wrote down any info (prices, term commitment, agent ID#)
He said, no, no ,no
The following week, he told me that his cable was cut off, and the installer came out to install ExpressVU
He said the installer wanted him to sign a 2 year contract (that he wasnt told about)
Told him he was going to have to rent the boxes (no, they werent FREE)
And, his monthly bill would be nearly identical to the one he just cancelled at Rogers (not the $30 as promised)
So, believe it or not, quite a few people are NOT aware of Bells pricing, term commitments, etc, and when they are cold called, by some high pressure CSR/salesman, they take their word as the Gospel, and end up finding out the TRUTH, when they get their first bill, sometimes they luck out, and figure it out before they sign the 2 year contract
I'm sure you don't practice this method of selling Bell, but I can assure you, just from my own friends and families experiences, it DOES happen

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-02, 01:52 PM
I'm sure if there was an ounce of responsibilty on the CSR's part, they might take more care in setting up a customers account/billing info

CSR's don't set up the account...we have a departement called New Buisness and I belive they are the one, if not it's Direct Sales, who are setting the account. Stop blaming CSR's all the time... We are the departement in the compagny that I feel does the most (billing, programming change, move, tech 1-2), we won't go and do Direct Sales or New Buisness job

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-02, 01:55 PM
that he had spoken to the CSR

CSR's don't sell the system. He either spoke to one of our outsourced telemarketing center, or to a Multi Product Center solution...

CSR's don't make any outbound calls...

Ex Agent EV
2007-09-02, 01:59 PM
I hate tv you are also comparing 2 different things...a new client might not fully be aware of the cost he would end up paying once activated, but a client who already has ativated the service received a programming guide, on which all equipement charges and packaes are stated. Also if he added that receiver after is original activation, that's about the only thing, besides the rental certificate cost, that we mention to the client

2007-09-02, 02:00 PM
A CSR (http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Customer%20Service%20Representative) is anyone who's employed by a company to act as a direct point of contact for customers.

Your particular group of CSR's might not be the ones who made this contact, but the ones who did are still CSRs.

2007-09-02, 02:06 PM
Wow it doesn't take much to get this room worked up...lol. Basically what happened was that I was being charged the SD rental instead of HD. As a longtime Bell customer I ordered the upgrade in the beginning because it only required a 1 year contract. My wife usually pays the bills and I very rarely look at them. It was only when I called to cancel the HD only(still on staying with EVU). They could not find a 6100 rental contract. I said well I have been paying almost $80 a month so I am paying for something. After a long time of searching they realized I was paying for 2 SD rentals when I only have 1 SD receiver. Instead of 1 HD and 1 SD which I should have been paying. So thats the $7 difference per month. I had initially agreed to pay it. A week later I called back to confirm that the cencellation order was still in the system.....not suprisingly after and hour on the phone a week earlier the work order for HD cancellation was never issued. This time I made sure it was, the CSR gave me a work order number to verify later if I wished. So at this point I don't know what ther actual status is on the rental part. I am goingto wait until next week to see how the cancellation order plays out.