: Power cords and your computing devices: My stupid error

2007-08-20, 11:24 AM
I hope that someone can save themselves some pain and suffering from my ignorance yesterday.

The quick backstory: We had to clean out our master bedroom as we were getting new furniture. Thus I had to move and unplug our DSL modem, 2 routers and a DECT 6 phone.

Fast forward to the evening and it's time to reconnect. I set everything back up and plug it all in. Lights are on, it all appears okay. I did notice the modem lights were going nuts, but I didn't think much of it at the time.

Later in the evening I turn on my computer... no internet. So I run upstairs and check everything. I figure the wireless router jut got reset. After a fight with my laptop (the teenager managed to wreck the network port, but that's a rant the wife heard) I was fed up and went to call Telus. That's when I found that along with the routers and modem that the new phone wasn't working. :mad:

At this point I checked the cords between the modem and phone. I switched them and low and behold the modem and phone started working again. But I STILL couldn't get any internet from the wireless modem even plugged in (it would work find from the wired, but I needed to login to the wireless).

So, for the heck of it, I switched the power on the routers... well damned if that didn't work. I managed to login to the router and set up my wireless again (still not sure if the 360 and PS3 are still working, but that's tonights job).

I kinda felt like an idiot after it was all said and done, but I chalk it up to a learning experience.

Dog Byte
2007-08-20, 11:52 AM
Colour coding is your friend.

2007-08-20, 12:32 PM
Nice reminder. Thanks for sharing.

I had a similar problem once (hooked up the wrong ethernet cable and spent quite a while trying to figure out why things didn't work!)

2007-08-20, 12:50 PM
I did the same thing once, but with a less nice outcome! Between a cable modem, wireless router, and VoIP phone adapter, I managed to plug the wrong power supply into a couple of them and fried the wireless part of the router. :(

2007-08-20, 01:03 PM
Boy Oh Boy can I ever relate to this post. A couple of weeks ago I had to tear down My home theater with HTPC + 2 hd Boxes & 1 sat box & my primary computer & network hub for the houses 5 PC's,so that the carpeting and flooring could be replaced in the room they were in . This stuff had never really been setup right
and had all been added rather piecemeal along with all of the associated cableing RAT"S NEST... When dissasembling I took my time & labeled as much as I could. It could have been just to easy to get a power adaptor or something
attached to the wrong piece of equipment there's about 9 different adaptors with varing voltages ect to address. On reassembling I took an entire Day carefully grouping , bundling & cable tying all component and like wireing together, I was still amazed at the end when low and behold I got it all right on the first shot & everything worked as before. Whew!!!
It really looks a lot better in behind there as well, I really am glad now I took the time to do it right finally. and Iam sure next time it will all come apart and go back together again much easier. but it certainly was not a Job I would want to have to do on a regular basis.

This exercise will probably pay off sooner then expected ,as I ordered all new Office furniture yesterday
and the hub PC will need to be stripped and reassembled again in a couple of weeks when it arrives