: aint that funny...

2003-07-01, 03:56 PM
Same woman on both the Rogers and Samsung sites...

http://www.rogers.com/ [Hi Speed Internet Save Now]
http://www.samsungusa.com/cgi-bin/nabc/product/b2c_product_search_results.jsp?prod_path=&eUser=&searchType=description&keyword=DVD-HD931 [searching for the DVD-HD931 on Samsung's site]

2003-07-02, 02:00 AM
Not just the same woman. The exact same image.

Many sites use subscription services for clip-art, photos, etc. Pamphlets, ads, web sites, etc. would be extremely expensive if custom art or photography had to be used for everything.

If I recall right (my previous job was with a marketing company), since Samsung has created a composite using a cropped image of the woman, the cost to use it is less. The logic being that the photo supplier can OK another site using the same picture since it won't be an exact duplicate.

Rogers' use is supposedly far more obvious to detect, and hence it limits the re-use possibilities which drives the cost to them up.

Still, as you have shown, humans are too good with faces.

2003-07-26, 03:02 AM

I saw the same woman in a poster ad outside the Oakville GO Station (for the Globe And Mail I think).

Lot's of reuse of that stock photo.


2003-07-26, 07:32 AM
DVD-HD931, hmmm, anybody have any experience?