: Looking for a Receiver

2002-01-14, 07:50 PM
Got my new HDTV and now I want a new receiver.
Willing to spend up to $1,000 Canadian.

Anybody got suggestions??

2002-01-15, 03:09 AM
I like the Kenwood receivers myself.

The VR-507 sells for about $500 and has DD5.1, DTS and PL2. And I've heard good things about it.

Just my opinion...


2002-01-15, 01:24 PM
I sell 'em, so I'm a biased, but Harman/Kardon's new line is very nice. The AVR220 would be within your budget.

2002-01-15, 05:31 PM
I'm biased towards the Kenwoods myself because I have the ability to buy them at cost. As well as the Panasonic products.

I'm looking at the Kenwood Sovereign receivers for my next one. Probably the flagship VR-5900. But I don't need it until I finish my basement home theater.


2002-01-15, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the suggestions.

Done some more looking around and I'm wondering now, is it worth the extra $400 or so for say the HK AVR 520 which is 7.1 or maybe the Sony STRDB1070.

Anybody have any links (not to audio purists) that discuss Dolby DIgital vs. 7.1

A link to why Sony is calling it 6.1 would be interesting eveyone else says 7.1

I thought it was
Right, Center and Left
Right, Center and left surround

Okay so why do they call 7.1?

2002-01-16, 10:36 AM
The only 7.1 setup I know of is five speakers in the front, the 2 surrounds and a sub.

But the 7.1 setup is used only for music and not home-theater as far as I know. The most speakers used at this time for home theater is 6.1 as described in the previous message.

I may be wrong about all this, but this is it as far as I know.


2002-01-16, 01:35 PM
6.1 is:
* 2 front main channels
* 1 center channel
* 2 side surround channels
* 1 back surround channel
* 1 LFE channel

7.1 would upgrade the mono back surround channel to stereo so you'd have stereo front, stereo side and stereo rear speakers.

There are two relevant DTS modes: DTS ES Matrix and DTS ES Discrete. The Matrix version extracts the back channel from the side channels using technology similar to the way ProLogic extracts a center channel. Discrete recordings have seperate tracks for full 6.1. Dolby Digital EX is similar to DTS ES Matrix. The EX decoder was previously available under the THX license only, so the H/K's (except the THX Ultra-certified 8000) do not support this (it has subsequently become available for license seperately).

For 7.1, H/K receivers have their proprietary Logic7 mode for 2-channel matrix-encoded material and music.

tv_guy, if you're looking at the H/K's, the AVR320 has everything the 520 has except less power (still plenty for most though), HDCD decoding (for some audio CDs) and a backlit remote. Otherwise, all the other features are the same.

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2002-01-16, 04:02 PM
Going to read that a few times and try and digest it.

The reality is that I had Dolby Surround and when I went to Dolby Pro Logic, I was impressed. I've heard Dolby Digital at my friends and I know I want it. I'm just thinking should I skip a technology and go straight to 6 or 7.1 or is it something only a home theater purist will really appreciate?

Ranger Gord
2002-01-19, 10:05 AM
On 2002-01-15 13:24, JohnnyG wrote:
I sell 'em, so I'm a biased, but Harman/Kardon's new line is very nice. The AVR220 would be within your budget.

I'll back up Johnny (I am not a retailer). It's better built than the Sony. Sony ES products are quality build but outside your budget.

2002-03-11, 12:30 PM
have you looked at marantz I sell them
so Im biased to but they are very nice
SR7200 or SR5200 fit the price
kool remote on 7200 6.1 surround 105x6

2002-03-13, 04:21 PM
I have the Marantz 5200. It's a good box but the remote is terrible. Soundman have you any thoughts on it? I assume it's not just mine (basically its very low power and needs absolutely direct line of sight).

If I had to do it again I'd get the 7200 with the good remote.

You may also want to look at the Denon's 1802 and above I think are there model no's.

2002-03-14, 09:56 PM
After researching different brands last year, I bought the Denon AVR-1801, had it for a month then upgraded to the AVR-2801 with more bells and whistles and power for only $200 more, and well worth it, w/tax under C$1000. These two are nicely upgraded this year (add 1 to the model#). Check 'em out for yourself... http://www.denon.com/catalog/products.asp?l=1&amp;c=2

You can't go wrong with Denon. I don't sell them, I just love them!
Steve 'O'

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