: Canada to lose TBS?

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2007-07-21, 01:30 AM
WTBS will be switching to PeachTree TV this fall... as far as I know the national TBS feed is not licensed in Canada, is this the end of TBS in Canada?

2007-07-21, 10:13 AM
It's true that WTBS is allowed while TBS is not. I wouldn't worry. At least one of the service providers is going to have to file with the CRTC anyway since the WTBS call letters are changing also.

2007-07-21, 03:40 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing TBS or WTBS dropped in favour of TNT. TBS isn't as good as it used to be unless you like re-runs; TNT has more drama series and sports programming.

2007-07-21, 11:18 PM
There has been no talk of TNT, but Shaw did file an app to allow USA Network in Canada. No decision has been made yet.

2007-07-23, 12:08 PM
WTBS has turned in to the place to watch badly edited movies. When I'm looking for movies to record on my PVR, I skip anything that is on this channel. They are just too painful to watch.

2007-07-23, 05:56 PM
I wouldn't mind keeping the future WPCH as they'll continue to broadcast the braves games, but as TBS will now show national MLB games, i'd rather not rely on Sportsnet to show them.

2007-07-24, 12:26 AM
I wouldn't mind seeing TBS or WTBS dropped in favour of TNT.
I would like to see USA network, FX and Showtime as well. They have lots of original shows that don't get a decent airing in Canada. Law and Order:CI is on USA instead of NBC this Fall as well. I'm not holding my breath though. :eek:

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why I pay good money to the Canadian Awful Broadcasters. :(

2007-07-24, 12:52 PM
Hopefully the CRTC hands down a decision on USA very soon...

2007-07-24, 01:31 PM
Why? So much will be replaced due to Canadian rights. It will be a watered down version and a waste of space in reality.

I remember when I had shaw for tv that Spike channel was so watered down and the same old re runs due to 'cdn rights' and USA would be no different.

2007-07-24, 04:23 PM
I guess I totally over looked that. Spike doesn't appear to be overly watered down to me, but maybe so.

2007-07-24, 04:24 PM
In recent years, Spike has developed more original programs and has cleared more if it's programming for Canada as well.

2007-07-24, 07:25 PM
USA Network would only be 'watered down' in the beginning but all contracts they have with CDN networks will end eventually. So once they do they would be able to show these progams on USA Network- Canadian feed. Also as bigoranget mentioned, shows come and go so with any new shows they develop they can negotiate different deals with Canadian channels that would allow them to air the shows on their channel as well.

I think Shaw is using USA Network as a test case, if the CRTC lets this one in then look for Shaw or others to apply for other U.S. services.

2007-07-26, 01:20 AM
I'd hate to lose TBS b/c of Braves Baseball. TNT is a great network. Used to pull it down off the old C-Band Dish off of G5 ch. 17. USA Network was G5 ch 19. I missed that channel as well. It introduced shows like Pacific Blue and La Femme Nakita back in the day. Not to mention TNT and good old now defunt WCW Nitro on Monday Nights for a 3 hour timeslot. I went through withdrawals after the big dish went down. I'd love to see TNT and USA Network both be approved for broadcast in Canada.

2007-07-26, 11:21 AM
I guess I totally over looked that. Spike doesn't appear to be overly watered down to me, but maybe so.

I guess you seen those Bond marathons? Or endless runs if V.I.P.?

2007-07-26, 04:17 PM
Very true, but this doesn't happen on a daily basis.

2007-07-30, 05:56 PM
What kind of that new channel that they are going to replace for TBS, so which mean Rogers not gonna have TBS47 or will they move up to digital as part of my TMN PACK
by the way our family spend almost $2600 on a HDTV, i found out most likely is a timeshifting package, and only a few specailty HD package, any ideas will there more HD or more new ethic channels coming soon on ROGERS?

2007-07-31, 08:13 PM
I really hope that we don't lose the TBS feed. And I hope they don't decide to give us the Peachtree TV as a replacement. I contacted my cable company and they informed me that they have no plan to pick up the Peachtree TV feed. Does one assume that they are going to pick up the national TBS feed?
Anyone know why we lost the national TBS feed in 2004? It doesn't make sense to me.
USA Network in Canada? Interesting...I would love TNT though instead.

2007-08-01, 03:21 AM
My guess is that EV will pick up the Peachtree feed. They prefer to pick up the OTA "superstation" feed over the satellite feed. (It's probably cheaper for them to fiber the signal due to their telco connections.) Rogers, and most cable companies, tend to pick up the C band feed for US cable stations or the Cancom feed for Canadian stations and distant US networks. That means they will probably stay with the TBS national feed.

The CRTC approval is for "WTBS". That is neither the "TBS" national feed or the new Peachtree feed. I'm guessing they will take a "don't care" attitude unless one of the major BDUs complains.

2007-08-01, 08:04 AM
Actually just about eveyone in Canada currently has WTBS Atlanta. Bell and Shaw Broadcast probably pick up these stations instead because they don't have to pay re-transmission fees to the broadcasters.

I have a feeling that the National TBS feed will be picked up come October. Who knows maybe they'll try to pull a fast one on the CRTC and offer both feeds.

HT gearhead
2007-08-01, 09:06 AM
TNT isn't what it used to be. Before I got rid of my 4DTV this spring TNT aired endless Law & Order and other cop show reruns. Spike US is definitely better than the watered down Canadian version.