: Self-Righteous Cable Techs?

2007-06-28, 01:35 AM
Any of you get the "self-rigtheous" cable tech who gives you a lecture about splitters and wiring?

I got one one time who give me a big long lecture. He then proceeded to call his friend about my setup ... and said everyone in my neighbourhood was too cheap to get Rogers to do the drops.

Then he threatned to call in the extra drops and place 100.00 charges on my bill (but according to Rogers.com, >4 drops is 6.99 per month for ALL drops).

In anycase, he blamed the issue on my wiring, but I'm 110% sure it was a headend thing (Rogers was pushing new firmware that week). In anycase, my boxes all show pretty good reception in the diagnostic screens but he blamed my wiring.

<sigh> why do these guys care :p

Anyhow, just had a third box put in today and the tech was really cool (nice guy).

2007-06-28, 05:28 AM
Most of the cable guys are pretty good, but the odd one thinks he knows everything when he knows very little. I had one cable guy come in and try to tell me that I shouldn't use an extension cord with my DCT6412 because it would increase the resistance and cause the 6412 to not work properly. I repair TV's for a living and couldn't believe what I was hearing. The 6412's don't draw a lot of current and I wasn't running the power cord even 100 feet--it was only a 10 foot cord. He said he was a "Microsoft Engineer". He should have stayed with computers and networking.

2007-06-28, 07:12 AM
You get up to 4 free legal "drops" with the VIP package...installation is free too...

2007-06-28, 10:19 AM
An outside tech was doing some work on a neighbour's house and I just happened to be outside. He was working right in front of my house (that's where the connection is) and I struck up a casual conversation when he said hello.

I had noticed that my signal had been a little low lately - he asked me how I knew and I told him via the STB and broadband modem, etc. The signal was not bad enough to cause problems yet, but it was about 5-6 dB lower than normal.

When he was finished his installation for the neighbour, he rang my doorbell and confirmed that indeed the signal was low and they would send out maintenance to fix the issue - a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Over the years I've had several techs come out for various issues that I had and all but one have been excellent. There was this one though.... ;) (I guess everyone can have a bad day)

2007-06-28, 11:54 AM
I have nothing but good experience with the cable guys. I was given free splitter by simply talking to them.

2007-06-28, 01:17 PM
I agree, most techs are good - but that one experienced really spoiled it for me. I couldn't believe it started calling his buddies to complain about the neighbourhood I live in. And he even showed me all the homes on the neighbourhood that supposedly had "splitters" because their boxes weren't showing up on the network!

Terry Fraser
2007-06-28, 01:32 PM
Why would one experience ruin it for you? What occupation hasn't got atleast one incompetent?
I can't remember ever having a bad experience with a cable tech. I'm talkative social kind of person and its amazing how much good service thier willing to give when your friendly. Have gotten my share of freebies to.

2007-06-28, 02:07 PM
Because now I'm always watching out for the self-righteous cable tech. Now I'm a bit leary calling for service because I don't want them to threaten me with addition fees, etc etc... or the big loooooooonnng lectures. :p

2007-06-28, 02:15 PM
My experience with techs has always been very good too. Intersesting contrast to the customer service reps.

2007-06-28, 09:32 PM
hey everyone, I really enjoyed reading your posts. Im a tech in the simcoe area on ontario, and yes there are the odd techs who have a superiority complex. I think its just their personality, because they pull the same crap with me.

Although don't be surprised if over the next few weeks/months if things start to get pretty frustrating for you subscribers.

80% of all Rogers techs are actually working for contract companies. This week we were all handed down a 10-15% pay REDUCTION. We are paid by the job not hourly. We are expected to work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no overtime paid after 44 hours. We dont even get a discount on our cable bills!!! In four years of employment under the wing of Rogers I have never received a raise. There are no incentive programs to reward good work, but there are a lot of negative incentives. If we do an installation for a customer, we are inspected. If the job doesn't meet to their specs, ( anything from forgetting to putting a tag on an outlet to more serious errors- there is no gray here, just bad and good) we are charged a $40 fee. So even on a job we are paid $1 for (yes we sometimes do jobs that only pay $1) if it fails an inspection we still have to pay $40. This is Rogers definition of 'incentive'.

I have never worked for a company that has such unhappy employees. I have never worked for a company that uses negative spreadsheet analysis and negative numbers to 'encourage' good work from their employees. And with these recent cutbacks, I will have to sell my house to survive.

Rogers techs sometimes get a bum-rap, so I'm just writing to say: 'you might think you pay too much for your cable services, but Rogers employees pay too'.


2007-06-29, 08:18 PM
I thought you worked for a Contract Company and not actually Rogers? Seems like your third party contractor is dicking you arround, you need to go to a better contractor. Perhaps even look for a job at an actual Rogers Cable?

2007-07-01, 09:19 PM
Ihad one of these guys last year. We were having signal issues with HD and they sent a tech out. He walked over to the back of the house looked at the box, then went to the side of the house where our 'new line' is for digital. The old one is just connected to one tv and internet, the new one was set up from our condo guys. So he fixes the new line, then then "CUTS" the old one. Literally snips the line and before I had a chance to tell him to stop. Then he says "blah blah one line per.....no splitters allowed and the wire job is terrible." I laughed and stated the wires were installed by Rogers over 10 years ago, the net installed in 98 and no problems. The splitter he was talking about was for the net that was installed by them. The splitter even had a rogers internet sticker on it. So he took off and I had him come back that same day to re-do my line so I could get my internet back. Other than him, all the guys have been great and have never left without doing a 110 percent effort.