: LG 42LC7D Issue With Menu Popping UP

2007-06-23, 04:23 PM
Has anyone with the LG 42LC7D LCD television had any issues with the Menu popping up randomly? I also have the problem when the Menus are popping that no other control on the remote works. I have taken the battery out of the remote control and it still happens. I have also taken all other remotes out of the room to make sure they are not interferring, but the Menu still pops up.

Is anyone aware of any "special codes" or anything that can be done to try and reset this?

2007-06-23, 04:56 PM
Check out the following thread - it MAY help.


Do you have any compact flourescent lightbulbs?

See: Things to check first. (http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=19694) Items 13, 16.

Sometimes there is simply a problem with the TV though...

2007-07-03, 09:59 PM
I have had the 42LC7D for two weeks now, and have encountered the same problem, did you find a solution?

2007-07-05, 04:40 PM
2 thing to keep in mind !
1) Set the Clock in the Menu for the TV
2) Run Auto Program and let it cycle thru completely even though you are using a settop box
Should fix it!

2007-07-08, 02:31 PM
I did both steps that kashf1 listed the day I got mine 2 weeks ago, and never had the problem you posted.

2007-07-10, 08:20 PM
After 3 weeks of working fine mine started the same issue - menu popping up and no remote or manual controls work. It works again for a little while after being off overnight but then same thing starts. Has anyone heard of the cause/fix or is it just a return the TV issue? LG and BB are no help.

2007-07-11, 08:40 AM
Oops. My bad. I have the 32LC7D.

Time for an eye exam. :)

2007-08-11, 01:31 AM
I am having the same problem with my 42LC7D. It started yesterday. I bought the TV on the 31st of May, and its alreay giving me this problem. Has anyone found the fix yet? I have LG Scheduled to come out in a week or so, but just wanted to see if someone knew something.


2007-08-20, 09:25 PM
I've had my 42LC7d for a week and am encountering the menu problem. Going to try the set clock/run auto programming fix reported here above by kafsh and will let everyone know my result! thanks!

2007-08-21, 12:07 AM

This is a problem you won't be able to fix. LG knows about it. Give them a call. They sent a tech out who fixed my TV. They have to replace the whole mainboard. The tech said what happened was that they received the wrong capacitors from Mitsubishi, and they are shorting down, and once they are shorted, the TV has no filtering, and eventually dies... They have since changed the design of the mainboard, and is supposed to have a little better performance as well.

2007-08-24, 07:36 AM
Cool - the tech's coming down today since my problem has gotten worse since my last post. Right now, the set is unplugged because the thing's been turning itself on and off. Sheesh!! Two weeks I've had this thing ...

PS - couldn't set the clock or auto program anyhow because even the hardwired buttons on the side of the set are malfunctioning. My wife's afraid our set is going to go sentient, take over SkyNet and blow up the world (that's for all you Terminator fans out there)

2007-08-25, 02:04 PM
Well, we had the Best Buy tech come to the house. And he confirmed what everyone in this thread already knew: the set needs a new main board. A week to get it in, a week after that for another service appt.
That would mean we would have had the set for a month and for three out of those four weeks, it's unplugged from the wall and unusable.
Needless to say, we balked at the repair, returned the LG and exchanged for a Philips 42" LCD. I'm abstaining from checking the boards for about a month - want to live at least that long in a blissfully ignorant state that we're going to have this one for a good long ... well, let's just leave it at that.