: Is the HDD200 "sidecar" still useful?

2007-06-22, 12:05 AM
I understand that the Starchoice HDD200 units can be used with 4DTV satellite receivers, even though they won't work with Starchoice much longer. Is this true? Do the HDD200's work without modification? Thanks to anyone who can shed light on the situation.

2007-06-22, 12:24 AM
Yes, they will still work with the 920/922 4Dtv units, as well as the 905 sidecar and I believe at least one Motorola cable box.

All without any modification, but you may need to change cables - not all use a DB-9 connector.

2007-06-22, 05:52 AM

2007-06-22, 04:54 PM
I've used mine with Moto cable boxes DCT2000, DCT2500 & DCP501.
They use either a DB9 or 1/8" phone plug depending on the STB.

The trick is that some cablecos (Shaw for sure) uses a DCT template that does NOT enable the needed hi-speed data port.
If yours does, then you are golden.

I've also used them as 1080i upconverters for my DVD or VHS player, very cool.

Now taking offers on mine... Do I hear a bid...

2007-06-22, 07:10 PM
Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. I found that people are still buying these boxes, & I was eager to know what they would use them for. Looks like I should try to sell mine & recover the expense of the forced upgrade to the 505.

2007-06-22, 11:43 PM
That, or is at as I suggested and be the first on your block with a HiDef VHS player!

2007-06-23, 09:02 AM
be the first on your block with a HiDef VHS player!

OK, ARR...now you've got MY damn curiosity fed!

2007-06-23, 01:06 PM
Hook-up your VHS or other SD device to the composite inputs, connect your HDTV to the Component outputs and set the mode switch to 720p/1080i and voila!

Those inputs are there to convert the graphics plane from the STB to HD while the hi-speed data input decodes the HD video stream.

That's precisely how it still passes the SD signals through to the display when not tuned to an HD channel.

Still accepting offers...

2007-06-23, 02:05 PM
Thanks, I'll try it and report back. I still use my S-Vid VCR as a secondary recorder when there is a programming conflict. :p

2007-06-23, 02:43 PM
However, thinking about it, isn't that only having the same effect as my Denon 2805 AV receiver that takes my S-Vid from the VCR and converts to component?

2007-06-24, 12:01 AM
Does it convert it to 720p or 1080i or just massage the signals to a a 480i YPbPr format?

Maybe you don't need it then, dunno.

2007-06-24, 01:08 AM
I find with my particular TV, it's best to just hook up composite video direct to the TV. It has a great comb filter that eliminates those "crawling ants" and deinterlaces to 480p or 960i. It's a bit of an oddball TV, a Sony hi-def CRT in 4x3 aspect ratio. And with a DVI port!