: Ron Howard To Be Charged With Obscenity (Mocking Catholic Faith)

2007-06-20, 12:02 AM
Here is the link from the CBC website:


You can't make this stuff up.

What are they planning next? A Catholic fatwa?

2007-06-20, 07:29 AM
Hopefully the judge will throw the case out, kick it to the curb where it belongs. I find it interesting that the main charge against the film is that it "puts forward (an) idea", something the Church has always been opposed to.

I think the Church needs to get into the publicity business as they seem to have a real knack for driving up sales and generating buzz.

2007-06-20, 07:31 AM
If only he had listened to Aunt Bea

2007-06-20, 07:37 AM
A representative of the prosecutor's office said he did not know why the priests brought forward the complaint at this time.Perhaps it to deflect attention away from scandals involving the Catholic church and its priests.

"What scandals?"
"Exaaactly." ;)

2007-06-20, 08:40 AM
What are they planning next? A Catholic fatwa?

That would come after 'Angels and Demons' is released. :p

They are going to have a cow over that!

2007-06-20, 12:08 PM
Yeah, it'll be a real battle over who has the better fiction...

2007-06-20, 12:41 PM
Ron Howard, director of the film, and Dan Brown, author of the novel of the same name, are among those named in an obscenity investigation associated with the film.
taken from http://www.cbc.ca/arts/film/story/2007/06/19/davinci-italy.html?ref=rss

Funny, prists accusing others of obscenity.

Walter Dnes
2007-06-20, 08:47 PM
Well that was quick...
Italian prosecutors plan obscenity charges over Da Vinci Code

An Italian state prosecutor has announced plans to bring criminal charges against the creators of the film version of The Da Vinci Code.

Italian town drops case against Da Vinci Code

State prosecutors in an Italian town have dropped an obscenity investigation into the blockbuster movie The Da Vinci Code, a day after it was launched.