: Searches and seizures are expected

2002-04-27, 02:15 PM
article from National Post (http://www.canada.com/technology/story.html?id={C05D9A22-C5AF-4F8E-95AF-E63635BB778D})


Rock said ""We can now ask the enforcement agencies to proceed aggressively to make sure that the purpose of the legislation is achieved,"

Individuals can be fined up to $5,000 or receive a maximum one year in jail, while companies can be fined as much as $25,000.

2002-04-27, 02:29 PM
If they dare put so much as one person in jail for this, I would hope there would be a major uprising with some heavy duty protesting.
I know that is not the typical Canadian way, but jailing someone for this should be enough to put a bunch of people over the top.

Gunsmoke2 - GS2
2002-04-27, 08:50 PM
Ya Rock and Sheila make sure you make TV providers as the National top security problem.

Organized crime ? darn they don't lobby or donate to you


2002-04-28, 11:59 AM
Well I ran an ad in the paper telling people about the new ruling and that they could extend their thanks to BellExpressPuke and the federal Liberals for this for making each and everyone of them the newest criminal in Canada . Hey , it's not nice...but why should it be ? Bell and the Federal Liberals have now turned over 1 million homes against them . That is a big market ! :evil: