: Balsillie's Predators Buyout in Jeopardy?

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2007-06-14, 06:08 AM
Jim Balsillie is selling season's tickets for Copps Coliseum in his bid to buy the Nashville Predators and bring the team to Hamilton. City council did its part last night by agreeing to lease the coliseum. His next fight is with the NHL. (http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/207793)

2007-06-14, 07:10 AM
The Hamilton Blackberrys......

2007-06-14, 07:52 AM
When we lost our team to Ottawa I had purchased 2 Season tickets. Will do the same thing today.

2007-06-14, 07:53 AM
Premier Dalton McGuinty says he would consider giving some financial help to Hamilton if it lands an NHL team. (http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/207789)

2007-06-14, 08:16 AM
Ticket info:

Jim Balsillie and Predators Sports and Entertainment LP are pleased to announce that Ontario hockey fans can now reserve future season tickets with priority seating. Corporate Suites are also available. Don't Miss Out!

Deposits are now being accepted and are fully refundable, first come first serve on the priority wait list.

Additional Information:
If and when the NHL allows a team to relocate to Hamilton, a sales representative will contact you with season ticket seating location information. Seating locations will be allocated based on when the deposits were made, with earlier deposits being offered the better seating locations. At that time the depositor can choose to purchase the offered tickets or request a refund of their deposit. Deposits will be automatically refunded in the event that it is determined that the team will not be moving to Hamilton, but in any event no later than December 2009. If deposits exceed expected available seating, depositors will be placed on a priority waiting list based on when their deposits were made. Deposits will also be available at any time by requesting a refund from Ticketmaster's Customer Service Department. Interest will not be paid on refunded deposits.

2007-06-14, 08:35 AM
Good stuff! :D Another Canadian team is always welcome, especially one so close to the Leafs. Hopefully now it'll give a kick in the pants to MLSE to actually put a winner on the ice in a couple of years. (Still hoping for a tank job so they'll get a lottery pick for Tavares in 2009...)

I do wish the team name would get changed from the Predators. I've never liked the name, logo and team colours, especially that one puke colour jersey. GAH!

2007-06-14, 08:43 AM
First "Lefs" and now "Blackberrys"! Will this total disregard for proper pluralization never end!

Gotta dmit, it's pretty ballsy to hold a ticket drive when the sale, much less the move has not yet been approved by the BOD.

I lke the name -- Blackberrys -- though :)

2007-06-14, 09:07 AM
What a snake.

He's telling fans in Nashville that he has a lease and that he has no intention of breaking it.

As a Vancouverite who witnessed the exact same duplicitous and underhanded behaviour from Michael Heisley with the Grizzlies, I hope the NHL does not approve the bid. There are hockey fans in Nashville and they deserve better treatment than this. The problem in Nashville is not fan support but corporate support and the fans deserve a hell of a lot better than some weazel talking out of both sides of his mouth.

He lost the Penguin deal because he was unwilling to be straight and fair to the fans ... I hope he loses this deal.

2007-06-14, 09:57 AM
Im just glad hes moving the team out of Nashville. I do not agree that the fans in Nashville deserve better. They always had extremely poor attendance, and theres no way you can blame 5000-10000 empty seats on "a lack of corporate support" alone. The fans just didnt care. Theres a very good chance that fans in Nashville will not be able to meet the 14 000 season ticket sales minimum to keep the team in Nashville. Thus I do believe he has a good chance of moving the team.

To Hamilton? I hope not, Winnipeg is far more deserving. And I dont even like Winnipeg haha

2007-06-14, 10:12 AM
Just pre-ordered 2 Season tickets.

No Canadian city is more deserving to get an NHL team back.

2007-06-14, 10:26 AM
i got my 2 upper bowls as well. hamilton is about an hour away...but it would be great just to have tickets to the canucks when they visit our area!

2007-06-14, 11:19 AM

I think the concensus of most Canadians and most hockey fans is that Winnipeg deserves NHL hockey back before Hamilton deserves it.

Luis, it is not 5000-10000 empty seats. Average paid attedance was just over13,500 which is about 5500 empty seats (not 10,000). Of which, only 4000 tickets were from local corporate support (or about 30%). Most NHL teams sell about 60% of their tickets to the corporate sector, about double Nashville. In other words, Nashville's per game individual ticket holder attendance is every bit as strong as most NHL franchises.

The fans have supported the team and deserve to be treated fairly. The Michael Heisley/Robert Irsay treatment they are getting is lacks any integrity on the part of Balsillie. It is clear that the franchise will probably have to move because it can't make inroads in the corporate sector. But the fans who have supported that team deserve better than a prospective owner talking about his commitment to the lease and to Nashville while playing footsie with Hamilton. He is a complete weasel and the NHL should do the right thing and not approve the sale.

2007-06-14, 11:22 AM
I'm from Vancouver too and had Grizzlies season tickets and I have no problem with moving the Preds to Hamilton. Winnipeg probably does deserve a team but quite frankly I think Hamilton can support them better.

Let's not forget that Winnipeg wasn't supporting the Jets before they moved. And, the NBA has gotten what it deserves with Memphis having the lowest attendance in the NBA last year.

2007-06-14, 11:30 AM

I think the concensus of most Canadians and most hockey fans is that Winnipeg deserves NHL hockey back before Hamilton deserves it.

Perhaps in Western Canada but not out here in S. Ontario

Support has always been strong, even from the Toronto media.

2007-06-14, 01:18 PM
This western Canadian believe S Ontario is a better spot... the population alone makes it a no brainer IMO.

2007-06-14, 01:29 PM
james99, did you get any sort of waiver or legal disclaimer with your tickets saying anything about "if this purchase and franchise move all works out" or some such thing? I'm just wondering if a whole lot of people are going to be left holding worthless paper in a worst-case scenario...

2007-06-14, 01:31 PM
Let's not forget that Winnipeg wasn't supporting the Jets before they moved.The fans certainly were, but the politicians would not consider a replacement for the old arena - with a new building they would have remained. In Quebec City the fans certainly were, but the mayor during the Nordiques last years spent a whopping amount of federal infrastructure money on a new convention centre rather than on a new arena that would have kept the NHL team there.

Lessons to be considered by Hamilton politicians, I suppose.

2007-06-14, 03:08 PM
Stampeder - see post #5.

Same thing happend in 1990 but deposit back then was only $100.

Last time around they had to stop taking deposits because they sold too many season tickets.

2007-06-14, 04:32 PM
Deposits are now being accepted and are fully refundableMy bad... here's hoping you never have to refund them.

2007-06-14, 07:20 PM
....unfortunately, the greedy bozos running the Leafs (and to a lesser extent, those running the Sabres) will nix this deal. Sabres are already in a precarious financial state and need their canuck fans ......and the Leafs owners are short-sighted jerks. Wish it wasn't so, but I suspect that's what will happen....