: Kudos to ALL Torontonians!

2007-05-23, 11:44 PM
Spent four days last weekend with my wife back in my place of birth, good ole TO, the Big Smoke. Haven't been there since 1993. WOW. A few things we noticed right off... Clean - Prosperous - Friendly - Exciting. The first thing we noticed was how damn clean the city was. No litter, no cigarette butts in the gutters, no free newspapers cluttering the subway cars.

We did only go thru downtown, but it seemed like everywhere we went was under construction, the AGO, the ROM, the endless condo projects. It felt like NYC sometimes.

Toronto has a lot to be proud of.

Can't wait to visit again. Thanks to all.

But, then, you find the Imperial Pub, same as always:)

2007-05-24, 12:15 AM
Thanks for the kudos, however, I don't find it as clean as it used to be, although perhaps they're cleaning up the downtown better than my area. I'm near Yonge and Eglinton and I'm always annoyed by the amount of newspapers/flyers, etc that seem to be flying/lying around. The cleaners do come around periodically but it'd be nice if they were around more, or people littered less, or bundled their trash/recycle better so that the smallest breeze didn't send the papers flying.

I'll have to see if the free papers in the subway cars are better (around less). Last summer I noticed that there were a lot of them left on the floor or seats of cars (and not left for the next reader either). One tends to notice the trash more than the "clean", so I'll make a mental note to check in the future.

2007-05-24, 06:38 AM
It's amazing how good Toronto (and Montreal too) looks after spending time in the Bronx!

The seem to be dealing with newspapers better in the subway than they were. In the evening, it can be hard to even find one lying around to read! I think they must be doing an extra clean-up at the terminals that they weren't doing when it was more of a problem.

2007-05-24, 09:00 AM
mtlnorm....I think they might have just cleaned up for your arrival really :D Glad you had a wicked time though, and yes the AGO and ROM are 2 of my favourite hunt as well, throwing in the distillery district as well ;)

2007-05-24, 11:04 PM
I remember TO was always thought of as a clean city but, the 8 years or so I've been here, it never seemed very clean to me. I went to Chicago for a course last fall and was amazed at how clean it was (downtown, and up around the airport at least)! I'm glad it made a good impression on you mtlnorm, maybe it's getting better and being local it is more difficult to notice.