: HDNET Channel 275 (*C) - Nothing but Trailers

2007-05-01, 01:20 AM
I stumbled upon this show today and I just love it.
Like the title says it's 30 minutes of Movie trailers in stunning high definition.

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone that likes movie trailers at the theater or QuickTime trailers on web.


2007-05-01, 02:57 AM
In some cases they are better than the movies themselves.

2007-05-01, 06:33 AM
Several years ago folks like myself sent Mark Cuban an email asking him to create this show. Prior, the Trailers were just filler at the end of shows.

A month or so later the program was created.

2007-05-01, 11:35 AM
This has nothing to do with *C, so I've moved the thread into the appropriate forum. FYI, there are several programming discussions on HDNet - for example:


http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=52125 (Concerts)