: Review: HBO comedy 'Entourage' is one sweet treat

2007-04-06, 08:09 AM
There's something to be said for a well-made trifle.

Indeed, a near total absence of profundity and pretension is one of the joys of Entourage. A meandering comic soap about life among Hollywood's idle rich and famous, Entourage doesn't push as hard to impress, or to break through TV's boundaries, as most HBO series do. And it is the better for it. (http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/reviews/2007-04-05-entourage_N.htm)

2007-05-22, 01:06 PM
Season 4 starts two weeks after season 3b ends.

2007-05-22, 02:37 PM
Thanks James99, this is a great series, I have watched it from the very 1st episode. Thanks for the up-date on the (season 4) start date, I didn't think it would start so quickly after 3b ended.... Do you know the exact start time & date of season 4 - I watch it now on Sunday nights (TMN - BEV HD Chan # 840) following the Sopranos.


2007-05-22, 03:29 PM


2007-06-03, 07:53 PM
Finale is tonight.

2007-06-04, 01:13 PM
Ok james99, I read the link, thanks ..... So, if I understand this correctly yesterday's episode ( June 3rd, 2007) of ENTOURAGE, following the Sopranos on TMN, is the last episode of the first half of Season 3 & the second half of Season 3 will start up again on June 17th 2007 ???



2007-06-04, 02:45 PM
Actually Season 3 started last summer(also out on DVD). Last night's finale was for Season 3b.

Entourage takes one week off and Season 4 starts on the 17th.

2007-06-14, 09:48 AM
Kinda silly don't you think? Season finale followed by New Season a couple weeks later. Seems to me that 3b and 4a should just be one season.

2007-06-14, 10:07 AM
I wonder if DVD sales could be the reason for this trend of shorter seasons, or seasons split into parts? If you've shown all of season 3a, then you can sell the DVDs, then later on sell season 3b. If it's all season 3, then you have to wait until the end of all the episodes.

Gord Lacey
2007-06-14, 10:26 PM
The "seasons" of Entourage are all messed up:

Season 1 - 8 episodes
Season 2 - 14 episodes
Season 3A - 12 episodes
Season 3B - 8 episodes
Season 4 - 12 episodes

So season 3A and 4 have the same number of episodes while Season 1 and 3B also have the same number of episodes. I have no problem with them calling something 3A and 3B as long as there's a decent number of episodes (and there were 7 months between the two sets of episodes). I don't think it's wise to split a season in half if there isn't a significant break in the broadcast.


2007-06-14, 10:45 PM
I just with the 3B DVD's were coming out NOW instead of next spring....We shouldn't have to wait a year...at least give me them at Xmas.

2007-06-15, 12:55 PM
I know this is kinda random, but I LOVE this show.