: Viewsonic N2752w

2007-03-29, 08:37 PM
I looked at this TV and was wondering if anyone is using it as a monitor for their desktop? I'm interested in getting a HDTV that I can recieve OTA signals but can also use as a monitor for my home PC. Is there anyone that is using at 27" wide screen as a PC desktop monitor?

2007-03-29, 09:41 PM
I have the n3252w which is the same TV but 32" instead of 27".
It's a superlative computer monitor! I love it!
I've tried it using both the VGA and HDMI ports, and ended up sticking with HDMI (running from my video card's DVI port), which allows me to run a secondary monitor from my computer's VGA port.

I'm not setup to recieve OTA HD signals yet, DVD playback looks beautiful from both my PS2 (using component) and over the PC

I highly recommend it!

2007-03-30, 07:34 AM
Thanks for the reply, maybe i'll look at the 32" also!

2007-03-31, 03:29 AM
For the extra few bucks at Costco I highly recommend it. Hell, the 37" is an even better deal, but I had a strict budget to stick to...

With more research I learned that the N3752W has a QAM tuner and the lesser models do not...