: Projector Torture Test: LCD versus DLP

2003-05-02, 09:02 AM
A very interesting article posted at Extreme Tech.

Projector Torture Test: LCD versus DLP (www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1049289,00.asp)

2003-05-02, 04:15 PM
That is certainly interesting, but nobody 'tortures' their projectors like this in real life. It sounds like the LCDs 'failed' due to continous exposure to high heat.

2003-05-02, 04:18 PM
I agree but it certainly gives one solid reason for picking one over the other especially in a commercial or educational setting.

2003-05-02, 04:28 PM
What if the life span is tripled or more by having the projector run for only 12 hours in a 24 hour day?

With anything even remotely resembling 'normal' use, it's probably far more likely that a fan will fail in either technology or the motor that spins the colour wheel in a DLP projector will fail before the actual panel does.