: HBO HD and showtime HD options

2002-04-22, 03:13 PM
TMN HD is still in its infancy as far as HD goes - very little selection, 5.1 almost non-existent and basically no HD viewing during primetime hours.

What kind of options exist for those who seek to sub to HBOHD and/or Showtime HD only?

2002-04-22, 03:59 PM
buy a DirecTv dish with a HDReceiver.

2002-04-22, 04:18 PM
I was planning on getting Directv but I put those plans on hold until the grey clouds clear.

lately I've been reading about 4DTV and C-Band - bits and pieces of info so I'm rather confused at this point.

2002-04-22, 04:41 PM
If I could swing it, I would have 4DTV, C-Band up on the roof right now.
I believe they have the best picture quality available.
A little more expensive, but the chepaer systems can be had for about $1000. US I believe. Not sure about there though.
I think the biggest impediment for most people is the size.
As always, size matters.

2002-04-23, 01:28 PM
I had a big ugly dish ten years ago that we called C-Band but what's 4DTV?

2002-04-23, 03:03 PM
this link has some 4DTV info