: upgrading ram.... trading in?

2007-02-24, 02:07 AM
Hi all,

I have 1gb of RAM in my desktop and want to go to 2 gb. To help with my PS CS2 work.

I have 2 x 512Mb pc3200 184pin DDR SDRAM sticks in the machine now.

Is there any store in the KW area that would take it in on trade in? I'm looking to get a good price on 2 x 1gb sticks, and hopefully get 30-60% of retail for my current memory. I think 1gig is the min now for 'starter systems' sold today.

Are people still buying computers from independent shops? Or are most getting from Fshop, BBuy etc.

I have sold memory on ebay before (laptop) but it's kinda pain.


Dog Byte
2007-02-24, 11:40 AM
If your motherboard has more than 2 memory slots then you can just plug in more memory. You should check you motherboard manual but on mine, each slot can have a different size.

60% of retail is close to the wholesale price of memory. Why would they do that?

2007-02-24, 09:34 PM
no, it's only got 2 slots....

it was a hp machine. amd athlon 64 3400+


2007-02-25, 01:44 PM
Independent shops will often "upgrade" RAM. The only way to find out is to look them up in the phone directory or Google Local and call around. Used RAM sells for close to the retail price of new RAM (sometimes more if my local inquiries are any indication. :eek: ) You may be better off mail ordering some RAM on sale and selling your old RAM locally. Lots of people will be interested in a deal on 512MB sticks.