: TV recommendations based on my needs/wants

2007-02-23, 06:49 PM
Hi folks, I'm trying to decide what TV would fit my needs/wants. I've done a lot of reading and looking at TV's in the store but was looking for your opinion.

Here is what I'm looking for:

46" - 50" display LCD or Plasma (leaning towards Plasma atm)
don't need a tuner
prefer no speakers or removable speakers (like clean look)
prefer black trim around panel
will be used most to watch HD TV via Digital Cable box, with some SD
and upconverting DVD
HDMI/DVI & Component & VGA (would be nice)
don't need a stand, will be wall mounting
Watching lots of sports

So far I'm thinking the Panny TH-50PH9UK would work well although it seems to be priced high and doesn't have the 5 year warranty like the US does. Also the need to buy at least 1 HDMI blade would add more cost.

Anybody have any suggestions on a TV that would work for my needs ?

2007-02-23, 06:54 PM
Check out the NEC plasmas.

2007-02-24, 11:36 AM
NEC's seem to be more expensive than the Panny.

Anybody have any experience with the HP PL5060N ? It seems like it would fit the bill and I found a good price on it.


Sorry I guess I'll check the following thread for deals on the HP.

and the following thread for discussions on it.

Don't want to get anymore infractions for not following the rules. :)

2007-02-28, 01:45 AM
I just got the 42px60u and it looks great for sports and I'm really impressed with the Sd quality. I bought it to replace a Samsung LCD, which wa s a good set, but not so much for sports.