: Cat clawed my screeen

2007-02-09, 06:49 PM
I just saw a few scratches on my 1 week old plasma my still living cat did. The scatches are right into the plastic (cant be glass if a cats clay can leave groves) and it changes the way the light comes through that spot and is distracting. I was wondering if there was a way to fill in the scratches ,like they do with car windows?

2007-02-09, 06:53 PM
I have a cat, if that happened, i would be looking for a new pet....Good Luck

2007-02-09, 07:15 PM
If the scratches are too deep to buff out, maybe some of that eyeglass scratch repair liquid I've seen on late night infomercials might do the job? No idea if that stuff actually works. The last resort would be having to get a shop to replace the screen.

I once had to glue the diaphragm of a speaker woofer that my cat of years gone by decided to knead with his claws.

Snobike Mike
2007-02-09, 08:12 PM
Shoot the cat!

2007-02-10, 12:31 AM
electro353, I'm glad to hear the cat's still alive - people and pets are worth more than electronics any day.

That being said, I hope that stampeder's quick fix works for you, or that the screen replacement isn't too pricey.

All the best! :D

2007-02-10, 12:32 AM
Cats love watching TV, especially the nature shows. Sorry to hear of your misfortune, hope it can be repaired.

One of our cats got to be quite destructive and we had to have her declawed on the front paws - she was an indoor cat. They both then lived to be 18 (he never got destructive and kept his claws, but never enjoyed getting them trimmed).

2007-02-16, 12:16 PM
My siamese meows at 2 am sometimes 4 am ect, he's declawed in the front! Little biter dough would not trade him for anything he gets these stange seizures i had to put him on daily meds!

2007-02-17, 08:15 PM
During my last move a friend lifted 3 framed prints up off the floor, turned and nailed the plasma right in the middle causing a 1/4" jag. The cost to replace the panny front was $800 + labour. It's very hard not to miss the scratch. Heartbreaking.